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REVILIENCE® from SILAB: Bioguided Brilliance

REVILIENCE® is the latest natural active ingredient from SILAB, obtained from Sphingomonas panaciterrae, which...

Cornelius Awarded the Payroll Giving: Silver Award

We are thrilled to announce that Cornelius has been awarded the Payroll Giving Silver...

NEUROFENSE® from SILAB: Skin Comfort and Conscious Consumers

In today’s conscious beauty era, health is a top priority for consumers. Skin health...

SENEVISIUM® from SILAB: Anti-wrinkle excellence

SILAB proudly introduces its latest breakthrough in skincare innovation: SENEVISIUM®. This revolutionary natural anti-senescence...

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Protecting Biodiversity: How the Personal Care Industry Can Help Preserve Our Ecosystems

By Caroline Sharp and Ella Ceraulo The personal care industry relies on the natural...

Cornelius – Jen’s Summer Trends 2023

By Jennifer Hermitage Brilliant Colour Multi-coloured make-up is a big trend this summer. Taking...

Innovation in Industry: How Our Workforce Could Evolve

By Amy O’Brien, Group HR Director Imagine you wake up in the year 2030....

The Future of Flavour: How Science is Driving Innovation in Plant-Based Foods

Driven by the climate crisis, ethical concerns, and personal health considerations, plant-based diets are...

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