Meet our Group Head of Strategic Marketing, Liam Smith

Meet one of our Innovation Chemists, Ella Ceraulo

  • Market insights & intelligence

    We invest…

    …in the latest market intelligence data solutions to support our insights to market trends and needs to support both our, and our customers’, new product development and commercialisation processes.

  • Product blueprinting services

    Utilising a 7-step methodology…

    …including market research, discovery interviews, preference interviews, side by side testing processes, product objectives definition, technical brainstorming and business case development – Cornelius works with its principals and customers to remove the commercial risk, incremental nature and wasted time and resources so common in typical new product development (NPD) projects. Removing the ‘fuzzy end’ of NPD and delivering true breakthrough innovation for commercial success, the Strategic Marketing Team at Cornelius supports customers on their journey to successful business innovation.

  • R&D and laboratory capabilities

    Expert chemists and scientists on hand

    Having invested in two comprehensive laboratory facilities in Woodside and Haverhill, UK, in recent years, Cornelius provides ideation, sampling, testing and proof of formulation concept services for both customers and principals alike. With expert chemists and scientists on hand, Cornelius has unique new product development formulation knowhow to boost speed to market and commercial success for our partners.

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