Advances in biotechnology are transforming the cosmetic market by leveraging a deeper understanding of biological interactions. With concepts such as ‘senescence’, ‘epigenetics’, ‘microbiome’, and ‘autophagy’ becoming more familiar, there’s a growing interest in anti-ageing products and biohacking methods to slow the body’s natural ageing and biological processes. Two key areas of biotech development in the personal care and cosmetics sector are exosomes and bacteria.

In HPC Today’s latest panel discussion on Disruptive Technology, Cornelius’ Innovation Chemist, Ella Ceraulo, shared her insights on how bioengineering can be used to create active ingredients that can help our bodies’ own biopathways return to optimum efficiency for healthy skin. She also discussed how these breakthroughs are not only helping formulation scientists create better products but also reducing the environmental impact of novel active ingredients.

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