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The Cornelius Performance Chemicals business specialises in raw material and additive solutions for Paints and Coatings, Plastics and Rubber, Construction Chemicals and Performance Materials.


Our suppliers are market leaders from all over the world.

We use our expert knowledge and commercial experience to research new additives, products and raw materials to support our customers new product development needs.

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Feature Story



Cornelius Performance Chemicals is advising paint manufacturers not to be alarmed by recent zirconium price increases and to use alternative strontium driers instead.Zirconium is used in a large variety of industrial applications including paint driers, accelerators and catalysts for the coatings and inks market.Produced predominantly in Australia, West Africa and China, Zircon sand - the raw material for all zirconium chemicals - is in short supply due to mining restrictions, which has reduced availability and subsequently driven price increases.Mike Goodhew, Performance Chemicals Business Manager at Cornelius, said: “With a lack of additional supply to balance market demand, pricing has inevitably increased. Early reports suggest the cost of the mineral will increase again early in 2018. There are concerns over obtaining further Zircon sand and subsequently on the zirconium raw material derivatives required for Drier paint manufacture. However, a strong substitute solution could reduce demand.”Cornelius is partnered with Venator, a global manufacturer of innovative pigments...

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Product Solutions

  • Additives
  • Adhesive Films
  • Fillers
  • Pigments Colourants and Dyes
  • Resins Polymers and Crosslinkers
  • Test Charts and Equipment
  • Waxes and Oils

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