Cornelius Polska, a Cornelius Group company, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals for the life sciences – personal care and health & nutrition markets in Poland and Eastern Europe.

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    in Performance Chemicals

    Cornelius understands the key needs of the industrial sector offering comprehensive technical support and supply chain excellence for a wide range of product and market needs.

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    in Ocular & Dental

    The Cornelius Specialties Team is your partner in the development, manufacture and delivery of innovative specialty chemicals to meet today’s contact and interocular lens market needs.

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    in Health & Nutrition

    The Cornelius Health & Nutrition Products Team is your partner in sourcing, development and delivery of innovative ingredients to meet today’s latest consumer food and drink trends.

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    in Personal Care

    The Cornelius Care Products Team is your partner in sourcing, development and delivery of innovative specialty chemicals and ingredients to meet today’s consumer care product needs.

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    Cor-Sil Avance

    Introducing Cor-Sil Avance, a revolutionary new water-in-silicone emulsifier designed specifically for the personal care industry to help simplify process, reduce ingredients, take out overall cost, improve energy efficiency and liberate capacity.

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Cornelius Polska

With an expert sales team on hand to support your business, backed by excellence in technical support and customer care, Cornelius Polska is ready to support you.

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    Cornelius Polska

    Product Range

    • Personal Care

      • Abrasives and thickening silicas
      • Actives
      • Additives
      • Biocides and Preservatives
      • Conditioning Agents
      • De-tanglers
      • Emollients
      • Emulsifiers and Emulsifying Waxes
      • Fragrances and Extracts
      • Natural and Organic Ingredients
      • Neutralisers and Complexing Agents

    • Personal Care

      • Opacifiers, Pigments and Colouring Agents
      • Rheology Modifiers
      • Shine enhancers
      • Silicones and Derivatives
      • Solubilisers and Solvents
      • Stabilisers
      • Styling and Conditioning Polymers
      • Surfactants
      • Test Charts and Equipment
      • UV Filters
      • Vitamins and Minerals
      • Waxes and Oils

    • Health & Nutrition

      • Actives
      • Colours and Coating Agents
      • Decorative Ingredients
      • Enzymes, Excipients
      • Fats and Oils
      • Fibres and Prebiotics
      • Flavours & Compounds
      • Flow Aids, Food Emulsifier
      • Functional Ingredients
      • Nutritional Ingredients
      • Preservatives and Antioxidants
      • Sugars and Sweeteners
      • Thickeners and Stabilisers
      • Proteins, Vitamins and Minerals

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