Cornelius Polska, a division of Cornelius Group, has announced it has been awarded Bloomage Biotech’s Best Partner Award for 2021 – one of only two such accolades awarded.

Piotr Wasilewski, General Manager said: “We are delighted to announce that Cornelius Polska has won a Best Partner Award for 2021 from Bloomage Biotech among hundreds of possible winners.

“Cornelius and Bloomage have a relationship spanning 12 years. Both companies are known for their continuous focus on innovation and setting the standard within the personal care and cosmetics industries. Bloomage in particular is highly regarded for use of its microbial fermentation and cross-linking platforms. We are proud to be associated with this renowned company that produces a diversified range of products, most notably Hyaluronic Acid.”

Senior sales manager, personal care raw materials division for Biotech, Peter Zhu concurred: “Cornelius Polska is one of only two of our partners to have won this award out of hundreds of possible candidates. During our partnership, Cornelius Polska has excelled at customer relations and solving any problems and challenges – especially during the COVID-19 crisis.

“With our strong market presence, we will continue to control intermediate links in the supply chain, coupled with our technological expertise, products, market presence and of course our partners. We are extremely happy to continue working with the Cornelius Polska team and look forward to our continued cooperation in 2022,” he concluded. For additional information on the Bloomage Biotech Best Partner Award, feel free to contact the Cornelius team now.