BIONAP is a unique company that can offer botanical extracts obtained from plants and fruits which grow in the areas surrounding their site nearby Mt Etna, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With prolonged growing seasons yielding up to four harvests, distinctive chemical profile of the volcanic soil, and ideal microclimates, they can offer a wide range of quality active ingredients.

BIONAP – Hybrid Makeup:

Following recent trends, BIONAP have formulated a number of products which combine both form and function. Their latest range of hybrid makeup is complimented by their sustainable active ingredients, which again align with consumer demand for more clean beauty.

From anti-aging, protecting, nourishing, and treating properties, there are a number of active ingredients that have additional properties to add natural and sustainable claims to makeup formulations.

You can download BIONAP’s latest product brochure below, which details several formulations that utilise their esteemed active ingredients to create natural hybrid makeups, ideal for the modern consumer.

BIONAP Product Brochure

For more information on BIONAP’s range of active ingredients, or to request a sample, you can contact us at:, or reach out to a member of the team on the Cornelius Polska homepage.