Cornelius, an independent European manufacturer and distributor of speciality chemicals, ingredients and raw materials, is continuing to support the Malawi focussed, UK headquartered charity The Sparkle Foundation through the sale of Ronald Britton sustainable glitter products.  

Cornelius is donating 1.5% of its sales revenue per month from glitter sales as part of its ‘Sparkle for Malawi’ fundraising campaign. The Bishop Stortford based business is aiming to raise £5,000 by the end of 2018, to further boost its partnership with the charity.

As part of The Sparkle Foundation, project Sparkle Malawi provides hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children with education, nutrition and medical support in rural villages in Malawi, Africa. Cornelius has been supporting the charity since July 2017.

Dr. Neville Prior, Cornelius Chairman, said: “Cornelius is extremely proud to be fundraising for Sparkle Malawi and The Sparkle Foundation. We are thrilled to be on target to achieve the £5,000 we set out to raise. With a big final push I am hopeful we will go even better and exceed the target set! 

“I recently visited  Malawi and had the chance to witness first-hand how Cornelius’ Sparkle for Malawi campaign has impacted the local community. As well as assessing our current projects with the foundation, the trip’s focus was to identify areas where Cornelius can provide future help and I look forward to working with Sparkle to provide additional support.”

Sparkle for Malawi has so far raised more than £4583, with just over £400 remaining until its target is reached. The target of £5000 will provide over 37,000 meals to keep staff and children at Sparkle Malawi fed over 10 months. 

Since the two organisations formed a Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership, Cornelius has funded a vehicle to increase the accessibility of medical care, contributed towards wages and bills at the project and donated classroom essentials like stationery and face paints. The vehicle saved over 50 lives this year and the foundation now has an HR & Administration Officer, a matron and 6 security guards as a result of the company’s efforts. In addition to initiatives like ‘Sparkle for Malawi’, Cornelius is committed to donating a minimum  of £25,000 annually to help the charity in its invaluable work. 

He continued: “What caught our eye about Sparkle was that we could actively see where our donations were going and accurately gauge their impact. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world so it is vital that charitable support gets through to the people who need it. The work of Sparkle Malawi and The Sparkle Foundation is making a huge difference to the lives of hundreds of people there.”

Businesswoman, Sarah Brook, who recognised the Malawian needs for nutrition, education and medical support, with over half the country’s population residing underneath the poverty line, founded sparkle Malawi in 2012. The NGO’s actions have resulted in worldwide recognition from other organisations including the World Health Organisation.

For further details on the Cornelius’ Sparkle for Malawi initiative, please visit or socialise using #glitterinitiative