The texture of a cosmetic formulation and its sensory benefits for the consumer have always been an important aspect of any product. Skin feel and aesthetics are arguably as important as efficacy. However, in the last year the aspect of touch has become more important than ever before. Many of us have gone for abnormally long periods of time without contact with another human and this has left multitudes of people in need for the sensation of touch. A sensory experience, provided via the texture of a product on the skin, can evoke memories and a sense of escapism – feelings of being cocooned and cosy, or invigorated and rejuvenated.

Self-discovery through the senses

People discover who they are through the senses. We wanted to create a collection of cosmetic products that promoted texture as an important aspect of the self-care journey. With this in mind, we used our extensive portfolio of raw materials to create the Sensorial Self-Care Kit; a demonstration of 12 texture types across different cosmetic categories.

In our first step of discovery, Cleanse and Refresh, we have:

  • Sweet Pudding Polish, a buttery textured foaming scrub with natural wax beads to gently exfoliate the skin.
  • Ghassoul Clay Mask, created with Cosmos and Ecocert approved Ghassoul clay from Morocco, has a pore-refining, detoxifying action and a putty-like feel
  • Green Tea Hot Wash, a rich and velvety feeling cream that leaves skin clean, soft and smooth – it contains Tea Wax, which provides the products attractive green colour and antioxidant action; and
  • Honey Nectar Wash, a syrupy textured, honey-like wash which makes bathing a treat.

Hydrate and Glow is the second chapter in our self-care journey. It features:

  • Revive & Regenerate Butter Gel, a moisturiser with a melting consistency and rice derived active which firms the skin and revives radiance.
  • Cool & Calm Calendula Jelly is an oil-free moisturiser with a light and cooling aqua-jelly texture and Calendula derived active which has superior anti-ageing benefits.
  • Shea Bounce Back Body Butter has a firm and bouncy feel, it utilises TrueShea™ Shea Butter – with its rich and melting skin feel, to help the formula melt easily into the skin, providing nourishing and softening moisturisation.
  • Moisture Bar is smooth textured with a unique water-free formulation that forms a rich and nourishing emulsion in situ on wet skin, thanks to moisturising emulsifier Pationic ISL.

Perfect Finish is the final part of our sensory exploration. It comprises:

  • Hair Renew Curling Cream, this oil enriched curl definer is created using energy saving, cold mix technology and has gel-créme consistency and growth-boosting lupine based active;
  • Flushed Finish Fluffy Blush has a luxurious velvety feel, superior wear properties and on-trend colour, courtesy of metallic finish Chione™ Electric Sunset.
  • Fresh Glow Cheek & Lip Tint, a spongey textured multi-tasker gelled with an eco-friendly marine extract, comes in a fresh shade of pink created with a combination of shimmering Gemtone® Garnet and metallic-finish Chione™ Electric Fuschia.
  • Skin Perfecting Foundation, a silky textured foundation with a light, dewy finish and superior blendability, made using our unique cold-mix water/silicone emulsifier, Cor-Sil Avanace.

This exciting new kit will be launching very soon. Contact your Cornelius representative to arrange a meeting and discover the products and formulations for yourself.