Water is one of the most common ingredients found in beauty products, but with the rising awareness of water scarcity and quality as well as the desire to cut back bulky plastics and carbon emissions, consumers are demanding both waterless products and those that use less water.

Waterless personal care products allow for reduced or no water during manufacturing and can come in a variety of forms, including solids, concentrated oils, powders and pressed serums to name a few. They typically negate the need for preservation and extend shelf life whilst reducing packaging and carbon emissions.

New initiatives such as the EcoBeautyScore Consortium have recently been established with the aim of enabling consumers to make sustainable choices for cosmetic products through an environmental impact assessment and scoring system. Through this, the whole product life-cycle will now be considered when assessing the sustainability of a product, from harvesting and processing of raw materials, to formulation, finishing, packaging, transport and consumer use. With this increasing transparency, consumer scrutiny into some of these otherwise unconsidered areas will intensify and this growing mindfulness around sustainability will further motivate consumers to make incremental lifestyle changes towards a future of waterless beauty.

Our latest kit contains eight water-free alternatives to classic beauty staples.

Our Shampoo Bar produces a dense, rich lather to deeply cleanse hair and leave it feeling soft. It contains powdered Corfactant SUS and granulated Sodium Coco-Sulfate, two gentle surfactants that provide mild but effective cleansing; secondary surfactant Pationic SSL delivers a creamy lather as well as moisturising properties. Coconut and Argan promote shine and give nourishment to hair whilst acting as binders within the bar. Flocare PSD 1037 LV conditions and softens, plus it has outstanding long-wear straightening capabilities on coily/textured hair. We have found that this bar compares very favourably with some well known benchmarks on the market.

The Rich Conditioner Bar is based on Jeequat® NDCS, a cationic conditioner naturally derived from renewable sources from Jeen International, with excellent substantive conditioning, wet combing and anti-static properties. It also contains Coconut and Argan oil which promote shine and give nourishment to hair whilst acting as the main solvents within the bar. Pationic ISL is a moisturising emulsifier that specifically targets damaged areas of hair, adhering to these and providing damage repair. Multi-purpose active FILMEXEL® from SILAB has a proven capacity to revive the shine of damaged hair. Cation HA-Clear 1, a substantive complex association of Sodium Hyaluronate and Polyquaternium-10,  has been shown to repair damaged scalp cells, reduce irritancy and protect the scalp’s barrier function.

After panel testing our Rich Conditioner Bar, we are pleased to report it is much easier to use in comparison to the benchmark conditioner bars we assessed against – with superior pay-off. It also leaves hair as well-conditioned as favourite traditional alternatives!

The ‘bring your own water’ (BYOW) Clay Detox Wash is a plant and mineral based powder wash that detoxifies and moisturises with one gentle action. Based on Moroccan Ghassoul Clay from Argile du Velay, it softens the skin, reduces oiliness, tightens pores, and helps shed dead skin cells, it also contains two mild surfactants; Corfactant SUS and Pationic SSL. Jojoba oil has been blended into the powder to make this a formulation suitable for dry and sensitive skins – this oil absorbs quickly and rehydrates dry skin, provides excellent emolliency and regulates sebum production, ideal for acne-prone skin. Seaweed-derived Algogel RCG 2801 from Marine ingredient specialists Algaia provides slip, giving this product luxurious feel in use.

In place of traditional moisturisers we have created two oil blends suitable for different skins and types of usage. Miracle Oil is multi-functional hair and skincare oil, based on a light feeling ester Ercarel CV V and blended with three natural oils – Jojoba, Avocado, and Argan –  each chosen for their skin and hair enhancing properties. This blend is ideal for moisturising normal skin and especially good at taming flyaway hairs. For extra dry skins or for a nourishing night-time treatment, we created a Night Oil that provides intense moisturisation and is deeply hydrating and caring. The oil is based on olive-derived Squalane, which improves elasticity and helps prevent water loss, blended with Argan oil and two specialised esters. Pelemol DP-144B provides a rich skin feel and is able to hold three times its own weight in water to improve skin hydration. Pelemol 6GPR is a 100% active, vegetable-derived ester that is highly lubricious, very substantive to skin, and exhibits considerable cushion.

Natural Rescue Balm is a great multi-tasker that eases dry, chapped skin and minor irritations. It is a vegan alternative to a tried and tested classic, based on Strahl & Pitsch’s Lanolin Substitute DR-72 manufactured wholly from naturally derived, non-animal, non-petroleum ingredients and Vegan Natural Wax Jelly SP-507, an alternative to petroleum jelly with an occlusive nature. It also contains Olive and Castor oils selected for their skin benefits and unique textures.

Sleep Stone is a special night-time treatment designed to intensely hydrate the decolletage area and provide a moment of self-care, with benefits for both body and mind. The solid oil melts into the skin, providing a rich, silky feel and softening moisturisation. Olive Oil is gelled with Vegerite SP 3003, a vegetable-based blend that provides structure and gelling – an effective non-petroleum alternative to ozokerite wax. Pelemol EC is a 100% vegetable-derived ester with a distinct silicone-like feel and leaves a silky sheen on the skin. Hyacolor 3D is an oil dispersed combination of sodium hyaluronate and hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate from Bloomage, developed so that oil based formulations can benefit from its moisturising and plumping properties. To provide a soothing, calming scent, Croation Lavender Oil has been included, well known for aiding a restful night’s sleep – this essential oil also has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

Please contact your Cornelius representative to arrange a demonstration of our latest on-trend kit or send an enquiry to sales@cornelius.co.uk