Consumers are more serious than ever about their skincare routines. Long gone are the days of a standard twice daily cleanse, tone and moisturise routine – intricate multi-step rituals are more common than ever – and not just for the face. Total body skincare routines are becoming increasingly de rigueur, with consumers demanding versatile body-care products that contain the advanced ingredients and provide the same nourishment and protection they’re used to in their facial products. 

Body skincare has risen to the top of consumer consciousness, with more awareness of how important it is to keep all of your skin in tip-top condition. Many brands are developing cleansers, serums and exfoliators for the body, as well as specialist moisturisers to guard against the adverse effects the world around us can have on our skin. The weather can cause significant damage to our skin, particularly with summer approaching and more flesh than usual on show. But it’s not enough to slap on some SPF and hope for the best.

We are constantly exposed to airborne pollution that can be extremely harmful. Over 80% of cities exceed the World Health Organization’s guidelines for safe air and 92% of the world’s population, both in urban and rural areas, live in places with air above the WHO guidelines. Pollutants in the air can stick to skin and become absorbed, causing effects such as premature skin ageing, skin dehydration and chloracne to name but a few. 

At Cornelius, we’re serious about taking total body skincare to the next level to protect from these invisible hazards. FILMEXEL®, a multifunctional active ingredient from Silab, one of our principals, forms a resistant, flexible, non-occlusive film and acts as a protective ‘second skin’ layer. Since its launch, further research on FILMEXEL® has shown that it provides an effective barrier against 47% of pollutions and 62% of allergens. 

Thanks to its preservative-free powder form and unique combination of red algae and South American plant matter, FILMEXEL® is suitable for use in all face and body care products, as well as make-up, providing total body protection. 

FILMEXEL® is supplied exclusively in the UK by Cornelius, for more information please contact the Cornelius Care UK team for product samples and technical information on 01279 714 300