Once ruled by razors and colognes, the face of male grooming is changing. As men have become more focused on their appearance, the demand for male skin and hair care products has grown far beyond the basics. 

As more intricate, multi-step male care routines are developing, the focus has shifted from gender-specific products to a focus on developing tailored solutions to suit a wide range of skin types. Brands are therefore increasingly developing products that are marketed to all consumers, regardless of gender, with a greater focus on creating formulations with the best ingredients and treatments for specific skin or hair concerns. The key trends in male grooming have therefore changed to reflect this demand for advanced products. 

Masks for men 

Face masks for men are gaining in popularity. As more intricate skincare regimes develop, many men are working these powerful products into their routines. By taking the 10-20 minutes needed a week to let a mask do its magic, removing the debris and oil that builds up day-to-day, you can actually improve the effectiveness of the rest of your skincare routine. Masks also prompt the skin’s blood vessels to expand, resulting in improved circulation and a brighter, more radiant complexion.

Luxury face masks in particular are growing in popularity as we all strive to fit a few precious minutes of me-time into our busy lives. Whether it’s a traditional clay mask or a cutting-edge Korean-inspired sheet mask, there are a multitude of types and formulations for every skincare concern.  After their widespread success through 2017, charcoal masks also continue to grow in popularity. Available from Cornelius, activated charcoal draws out bacteria, dirt and other micro-particles to fight breakouts and help achieve a flawless, glowing complexion. 

Combating hair loss

When it comes to targeted haircare, hair loss remains one of the biggest issues for men. With one in five male consumers aged 45-49 reporting hair loss concerns, and 10-20% of men across all age groups, the male population is searching for solutions that really work. 

Hair loss is a complex issue, and many argue there’s no quick fix, but Silab’s HAIRGENYL® is a technologically advanced solution that has been proven to promote hair regrowth. Distributed by Cornelius in the UK, HAIRGENYL® is rich in natural peptides isolated from the flowers of the azalea and supports the biological activity of the dermal papilla, stimulating the hair follicle. 

Tested over eight months on a group of male volunteers, HAIRGENYL® increased hair density and limited hair loss. During testing, volunteers’ hair became thicker, stronger and the scalp was more densely covered.

Targeted solutions

No longer content to use the same moisturiser all over their faces, men are increasingly hunting for targeted skincare solutions that cater to their skin’s specific needs. Key concerns include blemishes, dark circles and the early signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Targeting these seemingly small individual concerns with advanced formulations can have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the skin. Cornelius offers a wide range of products to address consumers key concerns, including Silab’s revolutionary SMS ENERGY®. Rich in purified oligopeptides obtained from chick peas, it reduces skin fatigue and improves the complexion by reinforcing the bioenergetic potential of the skin and boosting cell renewal. SMS ENERGY® can be used in all types of skin care products to specifically target fatigue and energise the skin. 

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