In the digital age, people who post, snap and tweet to their hundreds of thousands, or even millions of followers, are seen as having a sense of ‘power’ within the personal care market – so how exactly is social media reshaping the beauty sector?

Gone are the days where consumers pour over beauty magazines reading the latest product reviews and which one to invest in. Along came social media and with it bloggers and vloggers, who are now seen as todays ‘digital beauty consultants’.

Those who watch, listen or read posts and videos from these new industry consultants tend to trust and value their opinion, often rushing out to buy their recommended brands.

According to a recent study by Euromonitor International, bloggers and vloggers are increasingly becoming a bigger influence on sales, especially for cosmetics, where over 20 percent of consumers indicated that their purchase decisions were directly influenced by social media. 

Working with these so called digital consultants is one of the most cost-effective and powerful forms of marketing for brands, particularly where they are targeting specific consumer groups. Teenagers and young people for example are more likely to be reached through YouTube today than traditional TV advertising.

Staying on trend, over the past few years, Cornelius has also featured in a number of blogs talking to new product innovation and market trends. Most recently, the respected ‘British Beauty (BB) blogger’ took to Facebook to review Cornelius and one of its strategic partners, BASF C&E (Colours & Effects). 

BB blogger – aka Jane Cunningham – regularly reviews products for the make-up, fragrance, skin and hair care industries. Entitled ‘beauty trends for 2019’, Jane’s vlog took a look at BASF C&E ingredients and pigments which can feature in a number of personal care product solutions. Including gloss, mascara, eye shadow, face powder innovation ideas, Jane also talked about what Cornelius and BASF C&E believe to be the big product hitters in two years time. 

The BB blogger reviewed three new pigments, in bronze, gold and magenta hues, and how the ingredients could feature in a new product, adjusting the amount needed dependent on the look and feel required.  

Jane, who was chatting to her followers from the comfort of her own kitchen, described the ingredients as ‘stunning’ and saw them leading a predicted illumination and radiant trend in 2019.

At the time of writing this, we are delighted that British Beauty Blogger’s vlog has had over 2,100 views!

Clearly there has been a rise in brand and blogger collaborations, especially within the beauty industry, as the importance of the millennial generation in generating sales increases. This relationship will continue to become ever more crucial, as brands look to bloggers, rather than more traditional channels to market, to deliver their trend insights, innovations and product launches. 

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