Advancements in haircare have always lacked slightly behind that of the rest of the personal care sector. However, savvy consumers are now demanding more – functional haircare alone isn’t enough. Active ingredients are becoming a necessity, and multifaceted haircare products are becoming more commonplace in the market.


An often-overlooked gap within this is the scalp. The scalp is part of your skin yet has never seen as much focus in formulation as your face or hands, for example. Whilst there are some anti-dandruff products which address this issue there is limited product availability for the scalp.  But this neglect is finally starting to change, as we see a rise in the skinification of haircare.


The skinification of haircare is expected to continue to grow in 2023. Searches for ‘scalp massage techniques’ were up 55% in 2022, whilst ‘clean scalp’ searches also grew by a similar margin. Hair growth was also an interest, as searches for “natural hair mask for growth” grew by 80%. Consumers are beginning to reflect these trends in their buying intentions, with luxury haircare brand Fleuria Beauty’s new ‘Active Botanical Hair Growth Serum’ currently having a 20,000 strong waitlist to purchase. Esteemed for their commitment to quality and a time-consuming formulation process, this feeling of exclusivity is often reserved for the skincare industry, and is perhaps a more concrete reflection of the modern consumer’s motivations.


Cornelius can offer a range of multifaceted active ingredients which also possess additional skincare benefits alongside other qualities engineered towards haircare, including hair growth. Formulators looking to appeal to the cost conscious  modern consumer might consider multifaceted active ingredients from SILAB. Their expertise in natural active ingredients allow them to create materials that possess a number of benefits aimed at both the hair and the scalp.