Independent European manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients for the personal care industry, Cornelius, has announced it is now distributing the latest anti-ageing skincare solution, REGENIXIR® from its principal partner, SILAB, in the UK.

Regeneration is the innate capacity of living beings to repair themselves by the beneficial use of their own resources. Preserving this property is a key strategy for aging well and in good health.

REGENIXIR® is a regenerating anti-aging active ingredient rich in oligo-β-glucans extracted from the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. REGENIXIR® has been scientifically proven to revitalize cellular interconnectivity and to reinforce the skin’s regeneration mechanisms thanks to its ability to stimulate the skin’s capacity to synthesise its own regeneration elixir.


Sarah Smith, Principal Relationship Manager commented: “To cope with external aggressors on the skin, several systems, including the cutaneous, immune and vascular system cooperate to revitalise the cellular interactions needed for cutaneous regeneration.

This dynamic process can be slowed down by the ageing process – as indicated in SILAB’s original modelling studies. As a regenerating anti-ageing active ingredient derived from biotechnology, REGENIXIR® assists by reinforcing the interconnectivity of these three systems and by restoring the capacity of aged fibroblasts to interact with their environment. This enables a more cross-functional action on these interconnected systems, resulting in the rapid and overall regeneration of mature skin.”

Tested on Caucasian and Asian volunteers, REGENIXIR® shows an overall improvement to the biomechanical properties of the skin, with the connected systems interacting to orchestrate the process of cutaneous regeneration. Signs of wrinkles and under-eye circles are reduced and microvascular defects are unified, resulting in a revived and radiant complexion.

REGENIXIR® is recommended for use during the formulation of all regenerating anti-ageing care products.

SILAB is an independent company that manufactures and sells actives to the cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics industry. Its headquarters in France is home to the most sophisticated research and development tools, which help launch several innovative products for the industry every year. For more information on active ingredients for skin care applications from Cornelius, please contact Sarah Smith