Independent European manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients for the personal care industry, Cornelius, has announced it is now distributing PEPTILIUM®, the latest anti-ageing skincare solution from its principal partner, SILAB.  

PEPTILIUM® is a plant-based ingredient derived from the upcycled by-product of cranberries, offering formulators the richness and diversity of its natural biopeptides to provide a cross-functional anti-ageing performance. Natural peptides, like those found in PEPTILIUM®, are valuable allies in anti-ageing cosmetics and are favoured among personal care formulators for their outstanding efficacy. 

PEPTILIUM® is rich in natural biopeptides which are purified to 95%, providing a high-performance ingredient that is safe and obtained from a traceable and responsible supply chain that respects sustainable development practices. 

Sarah Smith, Principal Relationship Manager at Cornelius, commented: “With natural anti-ageing products continuing to grow in popularity, PEPTILIUM® is genuinely a next-generation ingredient that is proven to work on a wide range of skin types. The pandemic has placed copious amounts of stress on consumers, and PEPTILIUM® is an innovative solution that enables them to feel good in their skin again while boosting radiance. 

“Having demonstrated its efficacy in clinical studies, PEPTILIUM® presents a fantastic opportunity for brands looking to expand their natural anti-ageing skincare range for 2021 and beyond to deliver quality and innovation through their ranges.” 

(The figures hereafter (22% and 17%) are from the study on Caucasian panel, so I’ve rewritten this sentence to correspond to reality): 

With cosmetic benefits evaluated on both Caucasian and Asian skins, the patented ingredient showcased a 22% reduction in wrinkles and a 17% increase in radiance after only 21 days. Further clinical studies at 21 days and 42 days demonstrated a faster and stronger radiance and anti-wrinkle response in comparison to retinol without the negative side effects.

Sarah further commented: “Cornelius is proud to be working with the cutting-edge technology from SILAB that not only has excellent clinical results but is sourced in a traceable and responsible way. The company’s reputation for excellence, research, development and high-quality natural ingredients is why PEPTILIUM® is an outstanding choice for brands that specialise in high-performance skincare. Trust has never been more important for consumers – they want assurance that their purchases will do what they claim while respecting the planet. With PEPTILIUM®, supplied by Cornelius, formulators can access a proven ingredient for their new product development and really capture attention on the crowded personal care and cosmetics aisles.” 

SILAB is an independent company that manufactures and sells to the cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics industry. Its headquarters in France is home to the most sophisticated research and development tools, which help launch several innovative products for the industry every year.   

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