In response to the ever-increasing consumer demand for sulfate-free formulations, Cornelius Group has dedicated extensive research and development efforts to address the challenge of thickening these products effectively. As the traditional method of utilizing salt to enhance viscosity becomes ineffective in the absence of sulfates, our experts at the Care lab have diligently worked on finding an innovative solution to overcome this obstacle.

Within our state-of-the-art Care lab, numerous combinations of sulfate-free surfactants were meticulously tested. Each case involved the utilization of two carefully selected raw materials, along with water, to create the final products that meet the stringent requirements of sulfate-free formulations. This rigorous testing process allowed us to identify the most promising blends that demonstrated remarkable improvements in both viscosity and foam height.

The primary objective of these tests was to ensure that the selected blends not only offered superior viscosity levels but also maintained the desired foam characteristics that consumers expect from their personal care products. By meticulously measuring the viscosity and foam height of each successful blend, we have been able to identify formulations that achieve the perfect balance between thickening properties and an indulgent lathering experience.

The careful consideration given to these factors is crucial, as consumers not only seek sulfate-free alternatives for their health and environmental benefits but also desire a pleasurable and satisfying sensory experience. At Cornelius Group, we understand the importance of meeting these expectations, and our comprehensive testing methods have allowed us to develop sulfate-free formulations that effectively address both technical and consumer-driven requirements.

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