Product nameSupplierDescription
AB-435 Bird ApplicatorThe Leneta CompanyTest charts and equipmentRead more
Benaqua 4000Elementis SpecialtiesHectorite/polymer composite for superior application and sag resistanceRead more
BenathixElementis SpecialtiesModified smectite clay for unsaturated polyester, plastisols and puttiesRead more
Bengel 828Elementis SpecialtiesOrganically modified smectite clay - super dispersible grade for medium to high polarity systemsRead more
Bentone 1000Elementis SpecialtiesHigh performance organoclay for low to intermediate polarity organic liquids and coatingsRead more
Bentone 27Elementis SpecialtiesConventional hectorite based organoclay for high polarity applicationsRead more
Bentone 34Elementis SpecialtiesConventional organoclay for wide range of low and intermediate polarity organic solventsRead more
Bentone 38Elementis SpecialtiesConventional hectorite based organoclay for intermediate polarity organic systemsRead more
Bentone 52Elementis SpecialtiesConventional organoclay for intermediate polarity organic liquids and coatingsRead more
Bentone 54Elementis SpecialtiesHighly dispersible organoclay rheology modifer, suitable for a variety of solventborne systems.Read more
Bentone CTElementis SpecialtiesNaturally treated hectorite clay of a defined particle size, suitable for thickening and flow control of aqueous systemsRead more
Bentone DEElementis SpecialtiesHyperdispersible hectorite clay for achitectural and industrial coatingsRead more
Bentone DY-CEElementis SpecialtiesOrganically modified clay for architectural and industrial coatings, offering exceptional shear thinningRead more
Bentone GSElementis SpecialtiesSuperdispersible hectorite clayRead more
Bentone HCElementis SpecialtiesRefined hectorite rheology modifier for use in highly filled waterborne systems such as cements, plasters, adhesives and ceramicsRead more
Bentone LTElementis SpecialtiesOrganoclay rheology modifier for waterborne systems, for use over wide pH range and with broad compatibilityRead more
Bentone OCElementis SpecialtiesHectorite clayRead more
Bentone SD-1Elementis SpecialtiesSuperdispersible organoclay for low polarity applicationsRead more
Bentone SD-2Elementis SpecialtiesSuperdispersible organoclay for high polarity applicationsRead more
Bentone SD-3Elementis SpecialtiesSuperdispersible hectorite based organoclay for intermediate polarity applicationsRead more
Dapro Bez 75Elementis SpecialtiesActivator to produce easy to handle BENTONE pregels for aliphatic systems, improves anti-settlingRead more
Dapro DF 108Elementis SpecialtiesVOC-free defoamer for decorative paints and coatingsRead more
Dapro DF 1492Elementis SpecialtiesModified polyol for architectural and industrial coatings - foam breakerRead more
Dapro DF 17Elementis SpecialtiesA general purpose, VOC-free let down defoamer.Read more
Dapro DF 19Elementis SpecialtiesA VOC-free, let down defoamer for semi-gloss to gloss coatingsRead more
Dapro DF 21Elementis SpecialtiesA VOC-free, water dispersible defoamer with excellent application propertiesRead more
Dapro DF 300Elementis SpecialtiesA silicone-free defoamer with fast knockdownRead more
Dapro DF 38Elementis SpecialtiesAn efficient mineral oil based defoamer for rapid foam controlRead more
Dapro DF 39Elementis SpecialtiesA VOC-free grind and let down defoamerRead more
Dapro DF 420Elementis SpecialtiesA persistent defoamer for aqueous systemsRead more