The launch of Cornelius Principal Ronald Britton’s revolutionary new product Bioglitter® Pure is almost here!

Further developing its existing product range, Bioglitter Pure is the world’s first non-micro-plastic biodegradable glitter. The groundbreaking new product is  100% plastic free,  certified by TÜV OK Biodegradable WATER (guaranteeing biodegradation in a natural fresh water environment), aluminium free and brings a whole new effect glitter to the market.

Bioglitter Pure has been recognised with GOLD in the InCosmetics 2018 Makeup Bar, Most Innovative Product award.

While other glitters on the market claim to be compostable, they cannot claim to be biodegradable. Bioglitter is the only finished glitter (including the coating), with independently produced test data that proves it will biodegrade in the natural environment. Alternative products often only make reference to components of the glitter but omit to mention the coating, which is an integral part of a finished glitter product. 

Ronald Britton is the only biodegradable glitter manufacturer in the world with global accreditation allowing formulators to tap into the ongoing glitter trend without compromising on sustainability; Bioglitter Pure will be available in March 2019.

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