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REVILIENCE® is the latest natural active ingredient from SILAB, obtained from Sphingomonas panaciterrae, which is a form of bacteria that survives within the depleted toxic environment of ginseng roots through deployment of bio-protective and bio-stimulating functions for itself and its host.

Through the development of the unique biotechnology process of bioguiding, SILAB has enhanced the ‘vitality capital’ of REVILIENCE®, restoring deficient skin by reactivating the biological pathways of metabolism and protection, and stimulating skin cell metabolism and reinforcing the quality of the skin barrier.

Tested on both young and mature skin, REVILIENCE® has been proven to reactivate epidermal metabolism, and improve the quality of the cutaneous barrier, providing a fast radiance and hydration efficacy in 7 days.

REVILIENCE® Key Benefits

Enhanced Skin Vitality: REVILIENCE® is derived from a unique form of bacteria found in ginseng roots, Sphingomonas panaciterrae, known for its survival in toxic environments.

Improved Skin Barrier: REVILIENCE® works to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. It achieves this by stimulating the production of exopolysaccharides from the sphingans family, which aids in improving the quality of the cutaneous barrier.

Fast Radiance and Hydration: One of the remarkable benefits of REVILIENCE® is its rapid efficacy. In just seven days, it has been proven to provide fast radiance and hydration.

Sphingomonas panaciterrae

SILAB’s research was inspired by the properties of Sphingomonas panaciterrae, which is bacteria obtained from the rhizosphere of ginseng.

Despite ginseng being known for detrimental effects to the environment around it, such as adversely affecting the availability of nutrients such as nitrogen, Sphingomonas panaciterrae implements protection mechanisms – such as the production exopolysaccharides from the sphingans family, which SILAB was able to beneficially use in the production of REVILIENCE®.

To learn more about the creation of REVILIENCE®, and how this can be used in your vitalising formulations for all ages, you can contact a member of our informed team to discuss this in further detail below.

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