As we all pack away the party dresses and break out the workout gear, it’s clear that the Christmas party season is well and truly behind us. Though the frivolities of the festive season may be over, there’s likely still a lurking Christmas party casualty – the skin. All the fun during December can result in dull, tired skin whether from lack of sleep, sweating it out on the dance floor or one too many festive cocktails. All can have an effect long after those New Year’s Resolutions have kicked in. Here’s how to repair and renew your skinpost party,through February and beyond. 

Soothe sensitive skin

By its very nature, sensitive skin tends to suffer most from any festive excesses and can even struggle with some of the heavier masks and products designed to try and restore it! It’s therefore important to choose products that are specifically designed to soothe sensitive skin and have been thoroughly tested to make sure they really do restore, rather than aggravate, the skin. 

Help is at hand, though, as brands are starting to create more skincare products and ranges with sensitive skin in mind. For example, many are now using ingredients to reduce inflammation such as Cornelius Principal, Silab’s natural soothing concentrate Neurofense®. Derived from the roots of red sage, a plant used in traditional Chinese medicine, it helps to reduce hyper-reactivity and even protects against inflammation caused by cold weather – perfect for the winter! 

Hydrate, inside and out

We’ve all heard how dehydrating the party season can be. From the obvious culprits like alcohol to salty foods and even sugary alcohol-free drinks, many of the stalwarts of any good party can have a serious effect on your body and skin. So, what are the best ways to tackle thesedetrimental effects? 

Though your body might feel better after a few glasses of water the next morning, it’s important to up your water intake over the following days,and even weeks,as your skin can take longer to recover. In terms of looking after your skin from the outside, proper hydration is the foundation of any good skin routine, as even mild dehydration can make any lines appear deeper, cause breakouts and counterintuitively can even cause excess oiliness as the skin attempts to rebalance. With moisturising products representing 47.6% of new personal care launches globally in 2017 alone, you’re bound to be able to find just the right product for your routine.

Make night care your New Year’s Resolution

For a New Year’s Resolution that you can stick to long after that gym membership has started gathering dust, look to incorporate specific night care products into your daily skincare routine. Many overlook night-time products as an unnecessary expense, but if you’re looking for an extra boost, using tailored night-time products can make a huge difference and repair your skin as you sleep. 

If you’re sceptical, start small by adding an evening eye cream that incorporates soothing lavender oil, such as Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Eye. Not only will it provide a relaxing scent to help you drift off, but it also stimulates the skin’s natural repair process. 

With busier work and personal lives than ever we’re in ‘daytime’ mode for longer, meaning there is less time for the skin to restore and repair itself. Silab’s Circagenyl® is the ideal ingredient for night-time formulations. It restores the natural circadian clock genes found in every cell, as well as stimulating the dermal metabolism, helping to restore radiance and smooth the skin, with a comparable effect to luminotherapy. By using products that are specifically designed to work as you sleep, you give your skin the best chance at repairing itself overnight and waking up glowing, fresh faced and ready to go. 

The Cornelius Care team can provide advice and technical expertise for formulators looking to cater to consumer needs such as these, and more. For more information please contact us on 01279 714 300.