Cornelius Performance chemicals will distribute Pritty Pearlescent Pigments bronze powder substitute to the UK manufacturing industry.

The substitute includes the colours 3725 (Rich Gold) and 3726 (Pale Gold) and is made from naturally occurring mica plates to deliver superior shine and coverage.


Iridesium® has almost no heavy metal concentration which makes it perfect for applications that are sensitive to heavy metal concentrates.

It can be used in a range of markets including:

–       Decorative paints

–       Printing inks

–       Plastics

–       Cookware

–       Ceramics

–       Tiles 

Pritty’s bronze powder substitute is unique and can be used to enhance packaging, products and decorative coatings to achieve a premium and innovative finish. Iridesium® possesses a lower density of 2.8g/cm3.

Benefits of Iridesium® include:

–       High-quality and distinctive colour effects

–       Does not react and change colour in a water-borne system

–       Superior shine and coverage

–       Can stand temperatures up to 300oc

–       Shade close to most popular bronze powder on the market

–       Hiding power is twice that of normal pearlescent pigments

–       Longer shelf life

For more information please contact Laura Herrod on 01279 714332