With 45% of UK households owning a pet, we’re forever on the hunt for innovative ways to keep our companions looking and feeling their best. The pet care industry is expanding, expected to be worth $202.6 billion by 2025 according to reports by Grand View Research, Inc., offering owners a diverse choice of scientifically-backed products to care for their furry friends. 

With a wide variety of products now available, from shampoos and paw waxes to insect repellents and rash creams, we can care for our pet’s every need. Technology is broadening our knowledge of ingredients, allowing us to better understand and make informed choices about what we apply to our own bodies and, by extension, the ingredients we use on our pets. The focus is therefore shifting from what we think our pets will like to products that we know are proven to help our pets. With this in mind, here are four benefits of health-focused pet care.

Bath time

Once our pets have bathed in mud, splashed in salty sea water or carved a path through long grass, they need a heaping helping of TLC. Whether this comes in the form of a bath, rinse or simple brush down, it’s crucial to have the correct tools. Though we humansenjoy a regular soak in the tub our pets might not. Dogs for instance only need a bath once a fortnight at most, as frequent washing can strip their skin and coat of natural oils, increasing the likelihood of dandruff and uncomfortable dry itchy skin. 

Thankfully, brands have acknowledged the need for pet-appropriate moisturising products and are working with manufacturers to create new formulas specifically for use at and after bath time. A good example is from Cornelius principal Olvea; they produce Jojoba oil, which forms a protective film to reduce water loss and actively moisturise skin cells. Originating from the seeds of Simmondsia chinensis, a bush exclusive to desert regions, a single Jojoba seed contains up to 60 per cent oil. Being rich in vital fatty acids, the oil locks moisture into the skin and reduces the likelihood of dryness and cracks.

Superb skin 

Skin is every living being’s largest organ, hence why it’s so important to look after it. Like us humans, animals rely on their skin to fend off harmful pathogens. Unlike us though, pets need help applying the proper skincare and without it can be far more susceptible to developing a number of skin conditions. Dogs are prone to nine variants of skin diseases, cats over ten and rabbits at least six! Caused by infection, such conditions develop through splits in the skin thus emphasising the importance of skincare to help createdurability and elasticity. 

Derived from sweet white lupine, Structurine®, from Cornelius Principal Silab, works to reinforce the skin’s epidermal structure and limit trans-epidermal water loss. Structurine can be used in all skin-focused pet care products and presents a natural solution to hydration and restoration, helping to prevent skin splits.

Fantastic fur

Its primary function might be keeping animals warm, but its soft lustre is also undeniably one of the main attractions of pet ownership. Fur differs from pet to pet but ultimately consists of two primary layers; ground hair and guard hair. Ground hair acts to maintain the body’s temperature, whereas guard hair protects ground hairs, and the underlying skin, from harsh conditions. In order for a pet to live comfortably, both layers of fur have to be well-maintained. 

As the science behind fur care emerges, demand for products to help keep all layers of our pets’ coats in top shape is rising. Candelilla is a natural wax obtained from Euphorbia Antisyphillitica, a shrub growing wild in the Chihuahau desert. Available from Cornelius Principal Strahl & Pitsch, the innovative wax is known for its high-water resistance as well as providing fur with a lustrous shine. 

Tough Teeth

Just like humans, pets need proper care regimes for their teeth and gums. Regardless of whether they prefer dry kibble, a pouch of wet food or a tin of tuna, oral health is vital to our pets’ health, which if not adequately addressed can trigger a variety of diseases. The most common in dogs, for example, is gum disease stemming from a build-up of plaque. If unaddressed, plaque can act as a breeding ground for bacteria, causing hardened tartar and potentially leading to further health problems such as kidney disease.  

Fortunately, with pet-focused oral care products becoming increasingly popular, there’s a simple solution to protect your furry friend’s teeth. Formulators are increasingly focused on creating products using natural ingredients rather than harsh chemicals, for example using white clays such as those from Cornelius principal Argile du Velay. Acting alongside essential oils, these 100 per cent naturally mined clays create a gentle abrasive action capable of reducing the build-up of plaque and keeping bacteria at bay.

Our attitude towards pet care directly influences the size of the animal care market and the products it offers. As of now, developments are moving quickly as emerging brands introduce new formulations to the marketplace, while existing brands look to better cater for specific market segments and provide customers with the variety of products they desire. With Mintel identifying that 51% of owners would rather cut back their spending on themselves rather than their petswhen budgets get tight, innovative animal-focused products are firmly on trend and will remain relevant for the foreseeable future.

The Cornelius Care team can provide advice and technical expertise for formulators looking to cater for consumers needs such as these. For more information please contact us on 01279 714 300 or visit www.cornelius.co.uk