* This blog was updated 03/05/2018

The Cornelius Care team is busy working on formulations for the very latest in face masks and to mark the occasion we’ve brought you a run-down of the market’s top 3 face mask trends.

Glitter Charcoal Peeling Masks

Charcoal face masks offer excellent anti-ageing properties. Activated charcoal delivers a pure and refreshing deep-clean, with its porous structure absorbing toxins from the skin to deliver a youthful glow.

Everyone deserves to feel fabulous, these oh-so-pretty masks shimmer with iridescent glitter, adding some extra glow to their day. Just close your eyes, let the charcoal do its thing then peel away the stress.

Try it for yourself with GlamGlow®’s GRAVITYMUD #GLITTERMASK, a lustrous application that’s just made for selfies. Containing marshmallow leaf, glacial clay, liquorice leaf, algae and a phenomenal amount of sparkle, it has an excellent dry time and puts the fun back into skincare.

Cornelius is taking the trend one step further, formulating an eco-friendly glitter charcoal peel off mask with a 92% biodegradable glitter and indulgent Sri Lankan coconut shell, as well as a decadent 24K Gold Peel Off Mask with Timica® gold sparkle pigment.

Green Clay and Charcoal Bubbling Masks

Available from Cornelius, cleansing green clay and charcoal bubbling masks remove excess sebum and wash away impurities such as pollution build-up, leaving behind a toned, smooth and glowing complexion.

Perhaps the most amusing version on the market is the Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask from Elizavecca. Expanding on the face to create a bizarre human Rice Krispie aesthetic, it crackles and pops as fast as you can Snapchat it.

Tightening pores and exfoliating dead skin cells with a carbonated super-foaming action, these masks are so much fun!

Spray Clay Masks

For a restorative facial with hassle-free application, the growing trend for spray masks is definitely worth a try. New to the market, these products use a solid-to-spray formulation that allows you to simply spritz the clay onto the face and allow it to set, achieving deeply cleansed skin with a more comfortable feel.

Silab’s Calmiskin®, distributed by Cornelius, is a top example with its superb power to reduce inflammation and defend sensitive, stressed complexions. Erborian’s Spray-to-Mask is another great application, forming a gel-like film in the skin with naturally derived gum, liquorice and ginseng to create a refreshing feel and a radiant glow.

So give yourself the gift of time by picking your favourite face mask trend and treating yourselves to some relaxing ‘me’ time.