‘Tis the season to be sparkly, so it’s no wonder that glitter cosmetics are a popular December beauty trend each year. From showstopping glitz-fests to subtle metallic hues, the Christmas party period is the time to glam up and shine.

But with shifting consumer priorities moving towards protecting and preserving the environment, the beauty market is seeing a rising demand for biodegradable glitters which break down after use without releasing harmful chemicals. It’s no longer enough to simply offer products that achieve the perfect iridescent party look without any other added value and customers are increasingly favouring brands which support their principles.

Concerns about traditional glitters arise from their aluminium and PET microplastic content, materials which have been found to cause damage to ecosystems. Their impact on marine life is a particular concern, with the United Nations estimating the scale of sea plastic waste at 46,000 pieces per square mile and studies finding more than a quarter of fish to contain the matter – posing human health risks further up the food chain.

Although the average glittery eyeshadow pallet contains only a small amount of the substance, every shard adds up and is assimilated into the environment with detrimental effect. When microplastics break down, toxins are released which eventually make their way into human and animal organisms with the potential to cause health problems such as disturbed hormonal regulation and fertility problems. Traditional glitter is too small to be removed from ecosystems or recycled after use, leaving few options for responsible disposal and contributing to the world’s global waste problem.

So does this mean we should say “bah-humbug” to the bling and have a lacklustre Christmas? Not if Cornelius has anything to say about it, and in the festive spirit of good will to all the company is delivering a guilt-free alternative with a biodegradable glitter that shines for the environment.

The company has collaborated with global leading supplier of glitters, Ronald Britton, to distribute its groundbreaking new Bio-glitter® range. Based on a biodegradable film that rivals its plastic counterpart, the product offers the same highly reflective properties as a conventional PET glitter and is available in 15 exciting colours and 6 different hexagonal sizes.

Suitable for use in dry, water and oil-based applications, Bio-glitter® is cosmetic-approved and can be incorporated into many personal care applications such as eyeshadows, lipsticks, foam baths and body washes. What makes it unique is its basis on a biodegradable film that is certified compostable, produced from sustainable sources such as eucalyptus trees with no genetically modified material content. This means Bio-glitter®’s entire lifecycle is responsible and as safe for personal care use as it is for the environment, offering cosmetics glitz without the guilt this Christmas season. 

Ronald Britton is the only biodegradable glitter manufacturer in the world with global accreditation and the partnership with Cornelius leads the beauty industry in a more forward-thinking, eco-conscious direction that’s able to satisfy evolving consumer demands. Cornelius believes that the future is bright for glitters if biodegradable alternatives are adopted by brands and is working to add new shine to the naturals market.