Cornelius Group, an independent European distributor of high quality, innovative ingredients, and Chr. Hansen – the only provider of natural colours that combines 140 years of unique application and regulatory expertise – have teamed up to supply natural red colours to the UK food and drink industry, creating a clean label opportunity for manufacturers.

The FruitMax® reds from Chr. Hansen are based on the HANSEN SWEET POTATO™, a unique raw material developed over years by the company to provide reds like no other. The new shades are a result of this new pigment blended with other red vegetables including black carrot, which can replace radish, a natural source known to develop off-flavour in food and beverages over time. 

Joy Thomas, Technical Service Support at Cornelius said, “As more consumers demand foods that contain natural, recognisable ingredients and focus on a move away from carmine, manufacturers must increase their use of natural ingredients in their products without losing good colour. With the Chr. Hansen reds range, they can deliver brilliant colour ideal for confectionery, breakfast cereals, bakery products and more, with a range that eliminates carmine.”

“Cornelius is proud to be working with the world’s most sustainable company Chr. Hansen, to bring this innovative red alternative to the market.”

Most natural red colour solutions have issues with stability or shade. Beetroot for example, has low process and shelf life stability and is often too pinkish, and Aronia tends to turn bluish and dull at neutral pH. The FruitMax® reds range solves the challenge of pH sensitivity in some applications and is an excellent carmine and other natural reds alternative, having the best combination of heat stability, light stability and oxidation stability.

Chr. Hansen is a global provider of natural colours and has a comprehensive and innovative product range. Cornelius is working with the company to also bring its new oil soluble, naturally-sourced colours suitable for chocolate and other indulgent products to the UK market soon.