Becoming a leading name in the supply of speciality chemicals and ingredients isn’t easy, especially when a business is as well-known for its cross-sector expertise as Cornelius. 

Cornelius has built a longstanding reputation for offering valuable consumer-focussed ingredients to the food manufacturing sector, with an expansive portfolio of products ranging from colours, flavours, fragrances and coating agents, through to functional ingredients, proteins, vitamins and minerals.  

Part of what makes our selection so successful for our customers is that it’s carefully curated. Each product that Cornelius supplies is subject to rigorous quality assurance testing, combined with deep technical support to ensure products stand out in a competitive market. The time and care we put into our product portfolio are the hallmark of a partner – not just a supplier. 

Whether searching for innovations in flavour, colour or texture – or to meet manufacturing efficiency or product sustainability needs – Cornelius offers a range of differentiated solutions that drive real-time value. With in-depth knowledge of food science and technology, Cornelius is a specialist provider of ingredients designed to inspire your latest product launch or innovation.  

Alongside a keen focus on sustainability and product provenance, Cornelius offers a unique range of solutions for bakery and confectionery, as well as beverages, convenience foods, dairy & ice cream, sports nutrition and supplements. 

We build fantastic relationships with our key principals, which means we can always offer the most innovative and high-quality products to our customers. Get to know the key global principals that help Cornelius to support the health and nutrition sector with authentic, innovative ingredients. 

Who is Nielsen-Massey? 

Nielsen-Massey is an internationally renowned flavour extract company. The business has been a proud family-owned company since 1907 and is still owned and operated by the third generation of Nielsens to this day. 

The business offers a large array of products to the food and beverage sectors but is perhaps best known for its single-origin vanillas, which today include global varieties with uniquely distinct – and versatile – flavour profiles.  

In 1992, Nielsen-Massey moved its headquarters to Waukegan, Illinois, and doubled the size of its facility while increasing production by 30%. Then in 1995, Nielsen-Massey opened a facility in Leeuwarden, The Netherlands, ensuring a network of powerful global logistics to support its partners and customers. 

Nielsen-Massey introduced Certified Organic Vanilla Extract to the market in 1996, one of the first of its kind. The business reintroduced pure flavour extracts in 2005, and just a year later became recognised as one of the first dedicated ingredient companies in the U.S. to be certified Gluten-Free. 

In 2012 and 2013, Nielsen-Massey expanded its Waukegan and Leeuwarden facilities and introduced an organic variety to its pure flavour extract line in 2017. 

Vanilla extracts available from Cornelius 

Far from being a one-size-fits-all ingredient, there are more varieties of vanilla than you might expect! The Nielsen-Massey portfolio of ingredients demonstrates the powerhouse diversity of vanilla. 

Tahitian Pure Vanilla Extract 

Floral and fruity notes, with gentle tones of anise and cherry 

The tropical climate of the South Pacific makes Tahiti an ideal location to grow vanilla. Tahitian vanilla’s flavour is favoured by pastry chefs around the world and is perfectly preserved by Nielsen-Massey’s proprietary cold extraction process.  

As Tahitian extract’s complex flavour profile is especially susceptible to heat, it is best used in refrigerated and frozen foods like custards or cold beverages, where it adds a delicate and delicious vanilla flavour. Tahitian Pure Vanilla Extract is therefore perfect for smoothies, custards, sauces, salad dressings and sweet potato salad. 

Indonesian Pure Vanilla Extract 

Strong, upfront vanilla taste with woody, smoky notes 

Indonesia’s vast 3,000-mile vanilla-growing region provides a stable supply of vanilla and produces the world’s second largest crop output. This is Nielsen-Massey’s most well-known single-origin vanilla extract. Holding flavour through heat, Indonesian Pure Vanilla is the perfect choice for high-heat and slow-baked culinary applications. Its vanilla flavour profile complements the sweetness in chocolate and dairy-based recipes.  

Indonesian Pure Vanilla Extract is perfect for ice creams, cakes, crème brûlée, sweet barbecue sauces and chillis. For beverage applications, Indonesian is ideal for chai lattes, mulled wine and heated cocktails. 

Madagascan Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract 

Full, sweet, creamy and mellow with velvety after–tones 

Madagascar is the largest of the Bourbon Islands. Due to its humid climate, rich soil and skilled farmers, Madagascar has become the world’s top vanilla producer in terms of both quantity and quality and produces about 80 percent of the world’s vanilla crop today. 

Because of its rich flavour and consistency in both hot and cold applications, Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Extract is extremely versatile and is the perfect addition to a wide range of sweet and savoury dishes. It is perfect for ice cream, puddings, pastries, and scones, as well as seafood, sauces and soups. 

Ugandan Pure Vanilla Extract 

Bold and creamy – sweet, with notes of chocolate 

The third largest exporter of vanilla in the world, Uganda’s climate, fertile soil and careful cultivation practices help produce high-quality vanilla beans and a crop that can be harvested twice per year.  

Ugandan Pure Vanilla Extract is versatile, making it an excellent all-purpose staple for a range of baking and cooking applications. It enhances flavour in caramel, chocolate and citrus dishes.  

Ugandan Pure Vanilla Extract is the perfect choice for chocolate, cookies, caramel desserts, ice creams and cakes. It can also be used in savoury applications, particularly citrus dishes and seafood. 

Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract 

Deep, creamy, spicy-sweet with woody notes 

The vanilla orchid originated in Mexico and has been cultivated there for centuries. Nielsen-Massey hand-selects the highest-quality beans from Mexico to craft one of the world’s most exceptional vanilla extracts.  

This extract’s unique flavour profile pairs especially well with chocolate, citrus, cinnamon, cloves and other warm spices. Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract also perfectly complements chilli peppers and tomatoes in savoury dishes, smoothing out their heat and acidity.  

Mexican Pure Vanilla Extract is ideal for ginger snaps, spiced cookies, tomato sauces, chillis and salsas. It can also be used in beverages, including hot chocolate and chai lattes. 

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