Our team were in attendance for this year’s event, sharing thoughts and perspectives with our esteemed industry counterparts on the latest consumer behaviours, market movements, and industry trends. Read more on our expert insight below, and fill out the form below to receive the full trend report.

What are the market growth trends for 2024?

Increased Price Sensitivity

The consequences of increased price sensitivity are far reaching across Europe, and have slowed down or even reversed some of the trends seen prior to the pandemic. These include:

  • Sulphate-free
  • Silicones
  • Colour Cosmetics

Global Ingredient Consumption

As anticipated, the global market for the cosmetics sector is predicted to continue to grow each year. However, there are two surprising frontrunners for this category.

  • Areas of surprising growth
  • How premium products will influence growth in some regions
  • Who’s lacking behind

Consumption Forecast: Europe

Considering the wide variety of trends we’ve seen on show at In-Cosmetics Global, it’s hard to specifically pinpoint areas of growth we expect to see. Some we’ve got a particular eye on include:

  • Sensory enhancers
  • Emollients
  • Areas to avoid

What were the key trends of In-Cosmetics Global 2024?

There were a number of important takeaways from this year’s event. Some trends are proving themselves to be cornerstones of the future of the personal care market, such as sustainability and multifunctionality. Others such as films and textures are reflective of an emergent Gen Z market, who are looking for a more engaging, stand-out skincare routine.

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