It’s Winter, we’re constantly tired, fed up with the British weather that can’t make up its mind and seemingly battling an everlasting cold – it’s a feeling we’re all too familiar with. 

Cornelius has come to the rescue to help you shake off that worn out, run down feeling and boost your battered immune system.

I’m walking on sunshine and it makes me feel good

The sunshine provides you with much needed vitamin D. A lack of vitamin D can lead to feelings of tiredness and achy bones. Vitamin D is vital for the immune system – 15 minutes outside in the sun everyday is all you need.

Keep wrapped up

Colds can worsen or even develop when the body is cold. Try to keep your body at a normal room temperature to stop colds from reaching the development stage.

Sleep on it

Restful sleep is essential. The level of certain protective cytokines increases when you sleep, so ensure you have enough hours to prevent any deprivation to your immune system.

Step it up

For many of us in the darker months, the last thing we want to do is exercise but research has found that people who carry out regular exercise are less likely to get ill – so get those trainers on!

Live and kicking

It’s all about yoghurt. Probiotics have been proven to increase white blood cells, which can stop us from getting ill. Yoghurt is calcium rich too – anyone for an Activia?


As the old saying goes – laughter is the greatest medicine – it makes your heart beat faster and is a natural way to de-stress. So put your feet up in front of your favourite comedy!

Whatever you have, whether it be a sniffle or a tickly cough, there’s sure to be a food that can help you feel better more quickly.

Prevention has provided a great list of 9 Power Foods That Boost Immunity. These include:

  1. Yoghurt
  2. Oats and Barley
  3. Garlic
  4. Shellfish
  5. Chicken soup
  6. Tea
  7. Beef
  8. Sweet potatoes
  9. Mushrooms 

Follow these tips and eat a few of these power foods and be feeling on top of the world in no time!