Who are HTBA?

Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, HTBA has over 40 years of experience in the industry. Standing at the forefront of delivering high-quality clean taste solutions, their commitment to natural sourcing is evident in their specialised use of citrus flavonoids. These natural compounds are extracted using green, environmentally friendly processes, ensuring not only the purity of the product but also a reduced environmental footprint.

In collaborating with HTBA, Cornelius are proudly bringing their rigorously tested, European-standard compliant flavonoids to the forefront of the taste modulation industry. Our partnership reflects a shared vision of delivering exceptional quality and innovative solutions in taste modification.

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    Tailored Taste Solutions

    HTBA’s taste modulating flavonoids are a testament to their dedication to consumer-driven innovation. This range of products is designed to enhance the sensory experience in a variety of applications, offering a new dimension of flavour possibilities for your formulations. Whether it’s enhancing sweetness, masking bitterness, or balancing flavour profiles, HTBA’s flavonoids are the key to unlocking new taste sensations.

    HTBA Taste Toolbox

    HTBA Product Range

    Citrosa+ to improve sweetness profile whilst reducing sugar use, best suited for drinks and dairy applications.

    NF01 for reducing astringency and bitterness, ideal for alternative dairy and plant-based products.

    NF02 to improve the overall flavour profile in dairy products and beverages.

    NF04 for reducing bitterness and enhancing salt whilst reducing salt content, suited for confectionary and baked goods.

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