Cornelius can now proudly announce their partnership with leading manufacturer Gelest!

Gelest is a leader and innovator, with 30 years of experience in material science and technology. Cornelius can distribute Gelest’s surface treated pigments, most commonly used for colour cosmetics, to improve feel, wear, and colour loading for cosmetic formulations. As well as this, we will also be able to distribute the Gelest specialty hybrid silicone fluids, including SiBrid® Diethicone, for skin care and hair care.

Speciality Hybrid Fluids:

SiBrid® Diethicone is one of Gelest’s specialty hybrid fluid offerings, which provides slip, tack reduction, emollience, and solubility. These are organic modified siloxanes that cross the boundaries between organics and silicones.

Left: Dimethicone & Sesame Seed Oil
Right: SiBrid® Diethicone & Sesame Seed Oil

SiBrid® Diethicone fluids have a wide range of compatibility with organic ingredients compared to the more commonly found dimethicone.

View the Gelest Brochure on Hybrid Fluids here.

Surface-treated Pigments

Gelest’s extensive experience in silane chemistry led to the development of unique surface-treated inorganic pigments and fillers. These unique particles have excellent skin adhesion qualities, as well as water/sweat/oil resistance. They also allow for higher pigment loading, and an improved compression of powders, which resists breakage.

Surface-treated Pigments

Gelest’s custom surface modification service also allows users to select custom and proprietary treatments applied by a variety of deposition technologies on a wide range of fillers and pigments. These pigments can be utilised to supplement 2022 trends such as; long-wear cosmetics, multifunctional makeup with skincare benefits, and maximum colour.

To learn more about the extensive product offering from Gelest and how their innovative technologies can help to solve your most challenging product formulation problems, you can contact our sales team now for more information or to request a sample at: .