The buzz around eyelashes is growing as consumers go beyond a few coats of mascara to enhance their appearance.

It’s now about creating a personal care routine that incorporates products with ingredients that moisturise lashes, promote growth and fight damage. 

Combating lash damage

With the ongoing trend for false lashes and semi-permanent lash extensions, as well as other factors such as airborne pollution, consumers’ lashes are exposed to more stress and strain than ever before. 

The effects of these can include brittle and weakened natural lashes. It’s therefore important for brands to create products that incorporate ingredients to help tackle this damage and provide the nourishment needed to restore healthy lashes. 

Silab’s anti-hair loss active ANAGELINE® can be used in lash care products to aid re-growth of severely damaged lashes. Derived from White Sweet Lupin, it is rich in vitamins, glutaminated peptides and oligo-elements that regulate hormonal balance and stimulate cells’ metabolism to promote hair regeneration.  

For cases of less severe damage, BASF’s range of panthenols, distributed by Cornelius, can be used in a variety of products to give stressed out lashes a much-needed vitamin B5 boost. Panthenol penetrates the hair shaft to improve moisture retention. In addition, panthenol is highly soluble in water meaning it can be used in a range of care and cosmetic products and removed with a swipe of the consumer’s favourite makeup remover. 

Enhancing and promoting length

Long lashes are coveted around the world and while mascaras can provide a temporary boost there’s nothing quite like having your own naturally lengthy, luscious lashes.

Olvea’s Moroccan Argan Oil can be used in a multitude of lash-care formulations designed to fortify delicate lashes. 

Argan is one of the few oils packed with antioxidants, fatty acids and vitamins E and A, which combine to create the perfect conditions for longer and stronger hair growth. Argan oil has high levels of linoleic acid (omega-6), which is known for its vital role in the structure of cell membranes. Argan is also natural, tapping into the consumer trend for natural beauty solutions.  

Creating Caring Mascaras

Even if consumers are lucky enough to have luxurious natural lashes, mascara remains a staple of makeup bags everywhere – with 75% of US female makeup wearers aged 18-24 reporting they use mascara. It’s therefore important for brands to consider what goes into their mascara formulations and how it can care for consumers’ lashes while still providing the required aesthetic boost. 

Wax-based mascaras leave lashes silky and supple and provide protective, film forming properties, as well as helping them to hold a strong curl by lifting and bending the lashes upwards.

Strahl & Pitsch’s range of waxes, including Candelilla Wax, Carnauba Wax and Ozokerite Wax, is available in multiple grades and forms, distributed by Cornelius, for use in different cosmetic products, including mascara. Waxes also hold pigment well, ensuring an even coating.

Black remains the most popular mascara colour amongst consumers, with many searching for a striking blacker-then-black effect. Venator’s Ferroxide ® Black pigment creates the darkest jet-black mascaras, delivering the depth of colour and coverage consumers are seeking.  

For more information on the partners mentioned and their products, please contact the Cornelius Care UK team for product samples and technical information on 01279 714 300.