Embracing ageing is a growing trend in the beauty industry as consumers shift their attitudes towards age. Scientific advancements have revealed that our habits and behaviors play a significant role in skin ageing, rather than just the passing years. This new understanding has led to the emergence of terms like “healthy ageing” and “pro ageing,” focusing on protecting and looking one’s best at a mature age. The industry is now developing products that take a holistic approach to skincare, addressing all factors that influence the exposome and promoting wellbeing.

Innovative skincare formulations consider the interconnectivity of the cutaneous, vascular, and immune systems, leading to the discovery of novel active ingredients. For example, ingredients derived from nasturtium flowers protect the skin from damage caused by blue light, meeting consumer demands for nature-inspired products. As we emerge from lockdown and spend more time outdoors, these ingredients are becoming increasingly important for SPF and everyday personal care formulations.

The issue of hair loss and greying hair is also being approached from a broader perspective. Companies are considering hormonal and environmental factors and working towards gender-neutral treatments and solutions. In the case of greying hair, there are ingredients in development that can reverse the greying process, providing a more organic approach to ageing.

The use of anti-ageing products has blurred the line between cosmetics and plastic surgery, with invasive procedures becoming more accessible. However, there is a growing focus on the health of the skin microbiota and promoting healthy skin rather than solely aiming for a youthful appearance.

The beauty industry is evolving to meet the needs and demands of consumers, offering products that cater to individual preferences and pace of ageing. Embracing ageing is about embracing one’s best self at any age, and manufacturers and consumers alike should understand and embrace the products that support this journey.

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Embracing Ageing

embracing ageing

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