Cornelius, an independent European manufacturer and distributor of speciality chemicals and ingredients for the personal care products sector, will continue to focus its efforts on bringing instant radiance to the skincare market this year. 

Together with Colors & Effects, one of the world’s leading pigments suppliers and a member of the Responsible Mica Initiative (‘RMI’), Cornelius is using ethically sourced mica effect pigments to deliver silky-soft formulations that are designed to illuminate and brighten skin for a healthy, natural glow.

With ‘ethical beauty’ a key consumer trend in the cosmetics market for 2020 and beyond, the importance of sourcing sustainable mica is a top priority for Cornelius. Its long-standing partnership with Colors & Effects enables the European manufacturer to produce formulations with mica that’s sourced from a wholly owned sustainable mine in Hartwell, Georgia. The site prides itself on full traceability from source to supply with its environmentally friendly approach, which helps to return the land to a natural state with reforestation and water recyclability.

Michelle Cann, Principal Relationship Manager at Cornelius, said: “With the worldwide market for effect pigments expected to grow at a CAGR of 3.3% over the next five years[1], using ethically sourced mica is crucial to ensuring we are all doing our part to help improve working conditions across the global mica supply chain. 

“As members of the RMI, Colors & Effects are a key partner for Cornelius, supplying a range of mica-based products. This year, our focus is to highlight solutions such as the Ecocert-approved Mearlmica II, CF & Treated SVA minerals, alongside Pearl-Glo UVR and Chione M-SVA to formulate beautifully soft applications that have been scientifically proven to achieve healthy, glowing skin when used as part of a daily skincare routine.”

Accessible to all skin types and varying budgets, the mica-based ingredients are often referred to as nature’s glitter due to their glossy, sparkling effects. Their silky, luxurious feel make them perfect for sun lotions and fake tans to promote a sun-kissed glow, alongside facial creams and moisturisers to counteract the effects of ageing with radiance and luminosity-boosting properties. 

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