Cornelius Group, a leading European manufacturer and distributor of specialty ingredients for the care products sector, is delivering SILAB’s revolutionary active ingredient MATRIBUST® to the UK personal care market for ultra-firming neck skin care.

SILAB, a company specialising in natural active ingredients, has designed the leading-edge ingredient specifically for the neck and décolleté areas, targeting the molecular modifications affecting both the dermis and the dermal-epidermal junction (DEJ) during skin sagging.

MATRIBUST is composed of oligosaccharides from the oil cake of jojoba and has been developed with considerable expertise in the biology of the dermis and knowledge of the skin’s matrisome.  Jojoba’s ability to maintain its physiological integrity over time is the power behind MATRIBUST’s function to magnify the neck and décolleté femininity.

Rachael Atwell, Business Development Manager, Personal Care at Cornelius, said: “The skin of the neck and chest have a different cell composition than other parts of the body – the dermis is thinner and more prone to wrinkling and sagging. MATRIBUST is a revolutionary ingredient for the personal care market restoring firmness and tone to the skin by supporting tissues of the décolleté.

“Cornelius is proud to be working with partners such as SILAB to bring ground-breaking new ingredient solutions to market meeting evolving personal care needs.”

The leading-edge ingredient regulates the matrisome of sagging skin by increasing the expression and synthesis of the dermis and DEJ. Alongside this mechanism of action, MATRIBUST acts on the organisation and density of dermal fibres, protecting them from fragmentation and reinforcing the biomechanical properties of the skin. 

Cornelius works with a number of dedicated partners to deliver high quality, fully traceable raw materials and ingredients for the personal care products sector and its innovative solutions are developed through collaboration with supply partners and the Cornelius Care UK Team.

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