Cornelius, a leading European manufacturer and distributor of specialty ingredients for the personal care sector, predicts the market will be transformed by a new generation of sun care formulations to meet growing consumer demand for advanced high sun protection factor (SPF) products.

Demand for innovative formulations has risen significantly in recent years, driven by growing health awareness amongst consumers who are increasingly seeking sunscreen products that offer a higher level of protection. In particular, Cornelius predicts the next generation of formulations will shake off high SPF sunscreen’s reputation for being thick and chalky, instead offering a new light, sleek feel.  

Kelly Shenton, Personal Care Business Manager at Cornelius, said: “In the past consumers may have been content with SPF of 15 or even lower but as awareness around sun protection has increased, they now understand the importance of a higher, broad spectrum SPF. 

“Brands must now respond with sun care products that not only provide this increased protection but also offer a pleasant skin-feel and additional features to further enhance safety, such as water resistance.”

Leading Cornelius principal, BASF, has developed a number of ingredients for sun care applications that meet the challenges presented in balancing high factor protection with desirable skin-feel. 

Developed specifically with the next generation of sunscreen formulations in mind, Tinosorb® S Lite Aqua provides reliable and effective UVA and UVB protection without a heavy skin-feel. It also offers water resistance so is ideal for sport-targeted products. 

The company has also developed Cetiol® Ultimate, a leading-edge emollient that provides a light, fresh and dry sensation, even in high SPF formulations. It provides easy formulation distribution when a formulation is first applied, aids fast absorption and helps to achieve even coverage – particularly important when it comes to sun care. Cetiol® Ultimate is derived from natural, renewable feedstocks and is silicone free. 

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