Cornelius, an independent European distributor of innovative, high-quality ingredients for the food and drink industry, predicts a rise in novel high-protein products to meet increasing consumer demand. 

Protein has become firmly established in the food and beverage market, appealing to the full gamut of consumers, from weekend warriors to professional athletes and bodybuilders. In particular, there is an increasing focus on convenient formats that deliver the health and wellbeing benefits of protein consumption without the heavy calorie cost of some traditional options.

Joy Thomas, Health & Nutrition Business Manager at Cornelius, said: “As consumers have become more aware of the wide range of benefits linked to protein consumption, the expectation for a wide range of high-protein food and beverage options has increased. 

“Consumers want products that promise additional benefits to suit their health and fitness goals, so demand for convenient, on-the-go options that are low in calories and sugar, such as protein water, is rapidly increasing.”

Cornelius Principal and renowned dairy processor, Agropur, has developed BiPRO Crystal Clear (C.C.) to tap into this exponentially growing market. BiPRO C.C. is a functional whey protein isolate purified from fresh dairy. Designed specifically for its high clarity and solubility in acidified protein beverages, it is ideal for formulating the next generation of protein products. It is also rich in branded chain amino acids to help the body build muscle.  

Ms. Thomas added “This is a golden opportunity for food and beverage manufacturers to tap into the surge in demand for new high-protein products across a wide range of segments. Cornelius is working with its partners to bring great ideas and ground-breaking new product development solutions to market to meet these evolving needs.”

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