Cornelius, an independent European manufacturer and distributor of specialty chemicals and ingredients for the personal care products sector, has announced the launch of the latest anti-ageing skin care solution from its principal partner SILAB, a world leader in engineering natural active ingredients.

Erisium® is a plant-based ingredient rich in leucine- and valine-rich peptides obtained from rice bran and germ, thanks to a unique enzymatic extraction process developed by SILAB that mechanically removes the outer layers of the raw material.

When the richness of the proteins is applied to the skin, Erisium begins to target the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) and reactivate the unfolded protein response (UPR) pathway. Not only does the ingredient reduce ER stress, but it also limits the ‘inflammaging’ (inflammation and skin degradation) process and restores matrix dynamics. It’s this powerful mechanism of action that enables Erisium to boost radiance, attenuate wrinkles and make skin smoother and firmer.

Rachael Atwell, Principal Relationship Manager at Cornelius, said: “With anti-ageing products remaining popular, Erisium from SILAB is truly a next-generation anti-wrinkle ingredient that works on all Caucasian and Asian consumer skin types. Given the unusual and copious amounts of stress 2020 has brought consumers, a solution that enables them to feel good in their own skin while boosting radiance will certainly make a small but significant difference in their daily lives.

“Having demonstrated its efficacy in a clinical study with a range of female volunteers, Erisium presents a unique opportunity to manufacturers that are looking to expand their anti-ageing skin care range for 2021.”

Conducted as part of a clinical study in the laboratory of cutaneous engineering and biology of the West China Hospital, the patented solution was applied in the morning and evening to the entire face of mature Asian volunteers and half of the face for mature Caucasian volunteers for 56 days. The results concluded a 9% reduction in wrinkles around the nasolabial fold for Asians and a 12% reduction in crow’s feet wrinkles for Caucasians.

“Cornelius is proud to be working with the cutting-edge technology from SILAB,” comments Rachael. “The company’s reputation for excellence, research, development and high-quality ingredients is why Erisium is an outstanding choice for customers that specialise in skin care.”

SILAB is an independent company that manufactures and sells to the cosmetics and dermo-cosmetics industry. Its headquarters in France is home to the most sophisticated research and development tools, which helps to launch several innovative products for the industry every year.  

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