Here at Cornelius, we’re committed to building a business culture that focusses on creating the best experience for our customers.

Over the past few months, several cross-functional employees have been undertaking a series of training with an external trainer who has over 20 years’ experience in the field.

Our Customer Care Manager Madeline Driver sat down with our Operations Director David Croxford for a Q&A. She outlines the importance of internal training, the interdepartmental ambassadors who are undertaking this, and how we hope it will benefit Cornelius and our customers.

DC: So what are we trying to achieve with this training Maddie?

MD: All of us here at Cornelius are committed to building a business culture that focuses on creating the best experience for our customers, and keeping them at the heart of everything we do.

We care about how our customers feel when they do business with us, and importantly recognise that their time is precious.

Our goal is to create an experience at each touchpoint of the Customer Journey through our business, from idea inception to product delivery, and any after care service needed.


DC: And who will help us to achieve this?

MD: Cornelius has started a journey into the realms of customer experience (CX) with an external trainer who has over 20 years’ experience in this field.

We are training a cross-functional set of influencers (CX Ambassadors), who will ensure that this new knowledge is consistently transferred throughout our business, both in external and internal communications.

DC: Why are we doing this? And why are we training different departments?

MD: We recognise that in order to exceed expectations in our external delivery, we need to reflect and ensure that we are conducting best practices internally too. Therefore, a company-wide initiative is for all staff to go through interactive training on ‘Internal Customer Service & Communication’, as well as the CX training for our cross-functional group.

Customer service does not just exist in one department – it is seen and experienced continually throughout our business – so it’s important to us that all our teams share the burden of responsibility to ensure that our customers have the most positive experience possible when doing business with us.

DC: How close are we to achieving our goals?

MD: Our team have already completed Modules 1, 2, and 3 in our CX Training programme covering, ‘Building Customer Loyalty’, ‘Communicating with Customers’, and ‘Delivering Memorable Experiences’.

Some key takeaways which our team have highlighted across these modules are that we need to understand our customers wants and expectations better and formulate planned experiences which our customers value. Moreover, that we need to appreciate the individuality of each customer and identify what it is exactly that they might perceive as valuable.

DC: How will we continue to implement this in the future?

MD: The next and final phase of our training covers ‘Handling Customer Complaints’. All of these introspective processes are part of a longer timeline to improve our customer’s experience with Cornelius. Once this programme of formal training has been completed, there will be further specialised training for our selected CX Ambassadors, to review our current Customer Journey stages and ensure that Cornelius is continually striving to improve the quality of our customer’s experience.

At Cornelius, we believe that it is important to highlight the development and commitment we offer to our employees. Whilst useful in a professional capacity, this training will be transferrable throughout many areas of life and will hopefully give our team the tools to be more effective communicators going forward. In order to better serve our customers, it’s important that we ensure our employees are well equipped with the tools they require to excel in their role, and flourish as individuals.

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