Cornelius, an independent European manufacturer and distributor of speciality chemicals and ingredients for the personal care sector, is providing simple formulations for the skincare, cosmetics and beauty industry in a bid to help get businesses back on their feet following the effects of COVID-19. 

Championing simple, reliable and effective product innovation, the European manufacturer is urging other businesses – be it supplier, manufacturer, distributor or retailer – to do the same by focussing on inexpensive consumer care regimes, touchless beauty experiences and fuss-free solutions that enhance the skin’s natural barrier against disease, pollution and more. 

Jason Fitzgerald, Life Sciences Business Manager at Cornelius Group, said: “Economic hardship is a term that we’re all too familiar with today and the personal care sector is no different. The impact caused by an economic shutdown of this scale will continue to ripple throughout the industry in the months to come, especially when the sector thrives off product innovation, interactive ‘touch and feel’ experiences and sales of in-store purchases. 

“To get the personal care sector back on its feet, we must change tactics to evolve and flourish in the ‘new normal’. With innovation at the heart of our industry, product development must start meeting those challenges head-on. Between electronic devices that deliver instant radiance to spray and stick applications, touchless beauty experiences are going to be part of the new norm for consumers.”

Cornelius will work in conjunction with its principal care partners, including SILAB, Bloomage, Jeen, Rita, Ronald Britton and Strahl & Pitsch to deliver simple yet effective formulations that enable consumers to stick to their easy-to-manage skincare and beauty regimes after emerging from lockdown.  

“Consumer spending will be much more restricted in the months to come,” adds Jason. “They are likely to purchase products that contain fewer ingredients from brands they know and trust. Premium and luxury products may also suffer in the short-term, but the industry must cater to consumer needs in the here and now.  

“As experts in manufacturing and distribution, we want to deliver solutions that won’t break the bank. Many of our formulations are simple and contain natural plant-based ingredients which are easy to obtain, making them perfect go-to-market solutions to help a small or large business get back on track. Now is not the time to rest on our laurels, it’s time for personal care product experts across the globe to refresh and revitalise the industry with a clean and simple look.”

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