Cornelius Group, an independent European distributor of high quality, innovative ingredients, and the world leader in natural colours, Chr. Hansen, have joined forces to supply the UK food and drink industry with a spectrum of red and orange colours, naturally.

Through a decade-long breeding program, Chr. Hansen has developed the Hansen sweet potato™ Ipomoea batatas creating a vibrant and natural alternative to carmine and synthetic reds. The vegetable concentrate, which is a colouring foodstuff, offers a vibrant red plant-based colour which is stable, free from off-taste and minimally processed.

André Schommer, Group Head of Sales at Cornelius said, “As consumers opt for vegetarian and vegan food choices, the need for a vibrant, natural alternative to carmine has become more important. The Hansen sweet potato solution delivers a brilliant red colour using traditional non-GMO breeding methods, ideal for confectionery, breakfast cereals, bakery products and more. Cornelius is excited about working with Chr. Hansen to bring this innovative red alternative to the market and open up opportunities in new product developments.”

Traditionally, red and orange colouring of foods is difficult to achieve based on fruit and vegetable juice concentrates; available reds are often not very stable and can deliver an off-flavour. The vegetable juices based on the Hansen sweet potato solve these well-known problems, producing unique bright orange and red shades. The new colours also have the best combination of heat, light and oxidation stability as well as pH robustness.

Chr. Hansen is a world-leading provider of natural colours, combining 140 years of unique application and regulatory expertise with a strong, extensive global presence and the widest natural colour portfolio in the industry.

Cornelius distributes speciality ingredients across a range of food & beverage markets including sports nutrition, dairy, confectionery, beverages, convenience and bakery.