We are thrilled to announce that Cornelius has been awarded the Payroll Giving Silver Award.

This award is given to celebrate our organisation’s decision to foster a culture of philanthropy and a commitment to giving in the workplace, through making Payroll Giving available to our employees. The Silver Award is a symbol of excellence and is awarded to our business for generating sustainable income sources for UK charities through Payroll Giving.

Through various fundraising initiatives set up by our Giving Fund Team, we are able to support our partner charity Sparkle Malawi throughout the year. This voluntary team seeks to complement Cornelius’ charitable donations to Sparkle through building employee engagement and involving our entire business in raising much needed money for this wonderful charity.

Alongside our day-to-day efforts to support Sparkle Malawi, our employees are also encouraged to take a Giving Day. This is an opportunity to give back to the local community, and work with a chosen charity of our employees’ choice that is close to home.

You can read more about our continued commitment to our partner charity here.