Cornelius, an independent European manufacturer and distributor of speciality chemicals and ingredients for the personal care products sector, is focussing on skincare ingredients that help to reduce the effects of digital pollution and other harmful toxins. 

As more people rely on electronic devices at home, both during the day and night, the European manufacturer is championing ingredients that offer greater protection to blue light exposure, helping strengthen the skin’s barrier function and revive complexion radiance.  

Working in partnership with SILAB, a world leader in the field of engineering natural active ingredients, Cornelius offers an impressive range of SILAB actives that can rejuvenate and revitalise skin from the effects of blue light, alongside skin that’s been damaged year-on-year by harmful toxins in the air that are naked to the eye.  

Michelle Cann, Principal Relationship Manager at Cornelius, said: “With the world in a state of lockdown, the effects of digital pollution will increase dramatically as more people spend time at home indoors in front of their smart devices. To combat these effects, we recommend Oxygeskin® from SILAB. Derived from the nasturtium flower, the ingredient helps to reinvigorate skin oxygenation and restore the skin’s adaptive capacity to overcome hypoxic stress. In addition, it limits the appearance of free radicals and protects the skin from matrix damage caused by high-energy blue light.” 

Tested on Caucasian and Asian skin types, Oxygeskin® has been clinically tested by SILAB on human skin explants irradiated with blue light and was found to significantly reduce the production of reactive oxygen species (‘ROS’), further limiting free radicals, and to protect extracellular matrix fibre synthesis and organization. Recent in vivo studies have shown an improvement in the quality and uniformity of skin when used as part of a daily skincare routine, reviving complexion radiance, smoothing the skin and boosting hydration.  

“Although pollution levels from transportation are at an all-time low, for those living in urban cities or closer to industrial areas, harmful toxins are still present and can easily permeate the skin’s barrier when outdoors, either from daily exercise or from queuing at supermarkets,” added Michelle. “With more time on their hands, consumers are reaching for easily accessible products that are available online. Universal ingredients, such as Filmexel® from SILAB, are great for overall skin care and help protect against pollutants, irritants and allergens.” 

By forming a protective and non-occlusive film or shield on the surface of skin, Filmexel® reduces the adhesion of particulate matter on the skin which can be easily gathered in polluted outdoor spaces. In addition, and thanks to its tensor effect, the award-winning ingredient immediately and durably attenuates wrinkles and delivers improved radiance from the first application.  

Michelle comments: “With many consumers avidly searching for products that can help protect their skin, both Oxygeskin® and Filmexel® from SILAB offer excellent ways to defend skin against the pollutants and challenges of today.” 

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