The Pantone Color Institute has selected Classic Blue, Pantone 19-4052, as the colour of 2020 to represent the dawn of a new decade.

After 20 years of careful consideration, Pantone has swung full circle. Back in 2000, the cooler shade of Cerulean Blue was chosen to welcome in the age of technology. Now, with technology overload and an overwhelming need for human re-connection, Pantone is firmly planting its roots in Classic Blue.

Noted for its relative neutrality on the colour scale, the inherent connotations that come with Classic Blue signify comfort and reliability; the sky at dusk; serene waters or a bowl of ripe blueberries, a connection founded on its close visual proximity to the blue pigment Lapis Lazuli which is intense and intoxicating. For some, the indigo hue of Classic Blue symbolises stability, dependability and the will to embrace a new-found faith and for others it is a longing to connect to nature and the desire to unravel the primordial mysteries of the deep blue sea.

Influencing product design across many industries, increasing visibility and availability, Pantone‘s influence is evidenced through profitable retail trends. The symbiotic relationship between product design and retail demand is telling of a shifting commercial power dynamic where the onus is on manufacturers and brands owners to deliver. Pantone Colour of the Year has consequently become an important signifier within the commercial health and beauty market.

Embrace Blues.
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