Cornelius Group PLC, Europe’s premier independent distributor of specialty chemicals, raw materials, and ingredients, proudly announces its successful attainment of warehouse and distribution accreditation from the British Retail Consortium (BRC) for the year 2019. This achievement further solidifies Cornelius’ commitment to excellence and adherence to industry-leading standards. In this blog post, we explore the significance of BRC accreditation and how it reinforces our dedication to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Maintaining Impeccable Standards:

Clair Binks, Group Operations Director at Cornelius, expressed her immense pride in the entire team for upholding the impeccable BRC standards. She highlighted the auditor’s commendation of Cornelius as one of the best examples of adherence to BRC standards they had ever encountered. Looking ahead to 2019, Cornelius is determined to maintain and, if possible, enhance its already high level of operation, ensuring ongoing excellence in all aspects of its business.

Ensuring Safety and Quality:

BRC accreditation is an internationally recognized certification that evaluates the safety, quality, and legality of warehousing facilities worldwide. It provides reassurance to customers in the food industry that a company’s operations comply with current legislation and adhere to the highest global food safety standards. With this prestigious accreditation, Cornelius continues to prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of its valued customers.

Acknowledging Team Efforts:

Clair Binks extended her gratitude to all those involved in the audit and those who were extensively questioned throughout the day. She emphasised that Cornelius’ success in securing this impressive achievement was the result of the combined efforts of the entire team. This collaborative spirit is a testament to Cornelius’ dedication to delivering excellence at every level of its operations.

Unmatched Product Range and Expertise:

Cornelius offers an extensive range of raw materials and specialist ingredients catering to diverse industries, including bakery and confectionery, dairy and ice-cream, sports nutrition, and beverages. Since its initial accreditation in 2017, Cornelius has consistently maintained an ‘A level’ BRC standard. This accomplishment underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to providing exceptional products and services that meet and exceed industry benchmarks.

Explore Cornelius and BRC:

For more information on Cornelius’ extensive product range and to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s relationship with the BRC, visit our website at Discover the unparalleled quality, reliability, and expertise that have positioned Cornelius as a trusted leader in the distribution of specialty chemicals, raw materials, and ingredients.

Cornelius Group’s achievement of BRC accreditation for warehouse and distribution exemplifies their unwavering commitment to safety, quality, and customer satisfaction. With an unyielding dedication to maintaining impeccable standards, Cornelius continues to deliver excellence in all aspects of its operations.

This accreditation reaffirms our position as your trusted partner in providing superior products and solutions to a wide range of industries. Explore Cornelius’ offerings and experience our exceptional quality and unwavering commitment to customer success.