APIOSKIN® is a natural plumping active ingredient with innovative hydrating properties. It is rich in Apiogalacturonans, a unique pectin with elevated hygroscopic capacity.

Immediate Effect

Irrespective of the kind of skin we have; oily, mixed, or dry, every type of skin can be subject to dehydration, which leads to tightness, lack of suppleness, loss of volume, and the appearance of lines and wrinkles. To respond to this issue, SILAB began research on Apiogalacturonans, and used a novel approach combining molecular modelling with Raman microspectroscopy.

SILAB discovered that Apiogalacturonans have a water retention capacity 2.3 times higher than hyaluronic acid, meaning that APIOSKIN® has an intrinsic ability to take in and importantly retain water within the skin, leading to a flash hydration.

Long-term Hydrating and Plumping Effects

Beyond these remarkable hygroscopic properties, APIOSKIN® also activates the biological levers of hydration leading to long-term benefits:

– Aquaporin-3’s expression is boosted, enabling better water exchange between keratinocytes.
– Synthesis of BGT-1, a transporter of osmolytes, is restored.
– The level of natural moisturising factors within the epidermis is increased.

Clinical testing showed that skin is rehydrated at the surface and at depth, wrinkles are smoothed and replumped, facial volumes are redefined and filled, and complexion radiance is revived from day 21 of application

Ingredients and Origin

Giant duckweed has been used for millennia in traditional Chinese medicines. Spirodela polyrhiza is noteworthy among the various species of giant duckweed for its plant cell wall being rich in Apiogalacturonans. This unique pectin is what allows APIOSKIN® to have such remarkable hydrating and water retention properties.  For a high traceability, SILAB responsibly sources this raw material from a traceable and secure supply and authenticates the plant using a molecular barcoding technique.

To find out more and discover the benefits of SILAB’s APIOSKIN® for yourself, please contact the Cornelius sales team: sales.enquiries@cornelius.co.uk