As people worldwide are masking up due to Covid-19 measures, consumers have been expressing their individuality through the canvas that stays visible – the eyes. As a result, several notable trends have surged to the forefront as habits change. So, what can the cosmetics sector learn from the trends of 2020 and are they likely to stick around? 

For several years, consumer makeup trends have been focused on the lips, creating fuller shapes and daring to go bold with exciting shades. Consumers have jumped on the trend thanks to high-profile celebrities like Kylie Jenner. A few short years ago, Jenner plumped the trend for luscious lips by launching innovative lip kits, including a perfectly matched lip liner and lipstick that enabled consumers to enhance volume and shape.  

Here at Cornelius Group, we are focused on analysing emerging consumer trends for makeup and personal care products to ensure that our customers are ahead of the market! 

Here are our top five emerging eye makeup trends we’ve spotted lately: 

  1. The 80s came back  

When we look back to trends from the 1980s, many of us shudder at the thought of shoulder pads and backcombed bouffants. However, with consumers required to cover nearly half of their face with a mask, the infamous 80s ‘garage door’ eye look is back with the bang. Bright, impactful colours are once again the order of the day and consumers are turning to brands that can offer a sharp pop of vibrant colour.  

Unlike the style in the 80s, where consumers would use one single colour, today’s user is becoming bolder and more creative, blending tones, shimmers and highlights to create an impactful statement from lash to brow. Thanks to popular TV shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and online beauty influencers, today’s consumer is far more experimental and playful with their makeup colour choices. 

The return of this trend calls for cosmetic manufacturers to deliver powerful pigments in shimmers and matt shades that catch the consumer’s eye and fulfil their growing creative appetite for cosmetics. 

The latest pigment story from BASF Colors & Effects, available from Cornelius Group, is Starry Night. This collection includes Cloisonné® Nu-Antique Blue, a blackened blue effect pigment and Reflecks Multi-Dimensions Shifting Sapphire, which offers a transient colour and sparkling finish. It’s all about depth and drama. The stunning variety of shades and shimmer enables the consumer to achieve every creative whim, from soft satins to high sparkles. 

  1. Perfect Brows 

Brows have been in increasing focus in the beauty sector for several years. Consumers have been growing out their brows and thickening them with rich serums to achieve a full and bushy appearance. 2020 saw the continuation of this trend, as a new treatment for brows began to gain traction and attention in the market. Brow lamination creates a less ‘done’ and more natural look than other treatments like microblading.  

The lamination process restructures the brow hairs straightening and smoothing them to create a fuller and lifted look for the consumer. The trend is further rising in popularity as at-home kits are becoming widely available. 

A great way to enhance and maintain brow perfection is with brow pomades. Pomade formulas using beeswax, or vegan alternatives like Laurel wax, from Strahl & Pitsch, enable consumers to keep their brows in place while providing shine and protection. Speak to the Cornelius team today to learn more about brow pomade ingredients.

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  1. Graphical eyeliner 

Towards the end of 2020, we saw the rise of the graphic eyeliner. Celebrities across social media championed the minimalist and monochromatic look and soon followed suit with consumers.  

The free-flowing lines and unexpected shapes create a precise and pinpoint look. The graphic eyeliner trend had initially been restricted to the pages of Vogue or the runway. But given the increased spare time consumers face at home, they are developing the dexterity and patience to achieve this graphic look. 

Eyeliner formulas containing Pecogel S-1120/A promote long-lasting wear through a water-resistant polymeric film that holds pigment in place, enabling consumers to achieve their desired look. For more information about Pecogel S-1120/A and it’s benefits for eyeliner formulations, contact the Cornelius team.  

  1. Magnificent Metallics 

A natural progression from the bold statement colours of 2020, consumers are adding an extra bit of sparkle to their eye makeup! Metallic shades add glamour and intensity to any new makeup look. Consumers are choosing sparkling jewel tones in shades of emerald, sapphire and pink ruby this season as they complement all skin tones and add drama to any look.  

Cloisonné® Vibrant Raspberry, part of the BASF Colors & Effects range, is a magenta metallic-like effect pigment based on responsibly sourced natural mica. It delivers a unique, vibrant magenta shade with superior intensity; perfect for adventurous cosmetics formulators looking to capitalise on an engaged audience. 

  1. Maxed Out Lashes 

Full and luscious lashes create wider eyes, framing the pupils and creating a more well-rested appearance. Our eyes can be used to communicate with each other, and our lashes play a significant role in this. As most consumers must wear face masks in public spaces, they are taking this opportunity to create a fuller volumised lash to complement their look.  

Advancements in mascara formulations are now giving consumers the fake-lash effect without the hassle of applying them. Clump free formulations containing lash-building fibres can thicken lashes and give superior curls and definition. A growing trend is the use of lash primers, a base coat applied before mascara, to help build volume, lengthen, condition and nourish. 

Silab’s Anagaline® is an ideal ingredient for high-quality eyelash cosmetics. Derived from sweet white lupin, Anagaline® is rich in peptides, oligo-elements and vitamins. The ingredient is understood to aid the hair cycle by regulating hormonal balance, reactivating microcirculation and stimulating cell metabolism, further promoting regrowth. 

Here at Cornelius, we enable technical formulators and brand owners to develop products that satisfy today’s consumer. Our product portfolio allows businesses to address worldwide consumer trends with innovative ingredients. 

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