Summer’s almost here and many of us are already flashing a little more flesh. But as we expose ourselves to the elements there’s one cloud on the horizon – air pollution.

Pollution in the atmosphere is a major global concern. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) outdoor air pollution has grown by 8% globally in the past half-decade. The UN attributes up to 3.3million premature deaths a year to this modern menace.

Airborne chemicals are no good for complexions or lungs. Pollutants in the air can stick to skin and become absorbed. Premature skin ageing, skin dehydration and chloracne are all known effects. The cumulative strain of a weakened skin barrier and the sensitivity this can cause is another negative outcome.

Consumers are increasingly aware of the damage air pollution can reap on their skin. House plants, face masks and air purifiers are popular defences. Protection is also sought in skin care products, and cosmetic brands are tackling the issue head on. For example, Elizabeth Arden recently promoted a hydration product with live digital signage that monitored pollution in the London air.

At Cornelius, we’re also taking the pollution problem seriously. One of our principals, SILAB has developed the innovative FILMEXEL™. This natural biopolymer creates a ‘second skin’ – a lifting, long-lasting protective film that keeps out harmful pollutants, allergens and irritants. With regular use, skin becomes smoother and wrinkles are also reduced. Other benefits of the non-occlusive barrier include anti-ageing, pore refining, firming, soothing and plumped skin with less dehydration lines.

Flexibility for production is also assured. The unique FILMEXEL™ combination of red algae and a South American shrub comes in a preservative-free powder form and is suitable for all face, body care and make up products.

While air pollution remains an on-going problem, we’re pleased to be working with our partners to offer new natural ways to detoxify the skin and end the effects of environmental pollution.

If you’d like to know more about FILMEXEL™ contact the Cornelius Care UK team for product samples and technical information on 01279 714 300