Glitter is incredibly versatile. Whether it’s part of our cosmetic make-up routine for a party, used as a decorative material for arts and crafts, or hidden in the helium balloons at a wedding or award ceremony, glitter is one of many man-made luxuries that can easily make every moment sparkle. But there’s an unfortunate downside to glitter too.  

Made from a microplastic known as Mylar, glitter particles are so small that they are easy to misplace or lose before they can be properly disposed, with most flushed into our waterways. According to a 2014 study published in PLOS ONE, it’s estimated that microplastics make up 92.4% of 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean. Due to this, many scientists have called for a complete ban on microplastics to help preserve marine life that often mistake the material for food. And, by the end 2020, many companies – including Aldi, Waitrose and more – have vowed to remove microplastic glitter from their products and Christmas lines. Yet thankfully, there are companies that are now using biodegradable glitter as a substitute, so that no occasion goes without.  

Introducing Bioglitter® from Ronald Britton – the original game changer 

At Cornelius Group, part of our promise is to deliver the difference in sustainability and ensure the partners we collaborate with are working towards the same goals. Having supplied glitter products to the UK market for over 40 years, Ronald Britton is no exception to this rule having recognised the need for ecological change back in 2010.  

To help preserve and protect the planet’s natural resources, the British company developed Bioglitter®, an eco-friendly glitter range that replaces the polyester film used in traditional glitter with a unique form of cellulose from hardwoods. Sourced from responsibly managed and certified plantations, this special wood is primarily found in eucalyptus trees and is proven to biodegrade highly in the natural environment.  

While Ronald Britton now develops Bioglitter® for decorative, printing and craft industries, the original game changer was Cosmetic Bioglitter® Sparkle – an antimony and GMO-free glitter with a silky soft feel on skin. The product’s other notable features include:  

  • 92% plastic free 
  • The brightest glitter for ultimate ‘bling’ 
  • Globally cosmetic compliant 
  • Suitable for vegetarians, vegans and allergen free 
  • Available in 15 colours and 6 different sizes 

To this day, the company is continuing to work hard on converting its Sparkle products into a 100% plastic free glitter. Until then though, Ronald Britton already has guilt free glitter covered with Cosmetic Bioglitter® Pure.   

The world’s first 100% plastic free glitter 

With guaranteed biodegradation in a natural, freshwater environment (as certified by TÜV), Cosmetic Bioglitter® Pure is the world’s first 100% verified microplastic-free glitter. It contains a new environmentally friendly coating based on natural resins, which introduces a new soft-focus iridescent glitter effect to the cosmetics industry.  

The popularity of the Pure range often speaks for itself, having received huge appeal from eco-friendly brands, retailers and even celebrity endorsement from Julia Bradbury. Similar to the Sparkle range, Pure can be used in a variety of cosmetic applications including body art, eye makeup, nail art, lipsticks and gloss, alongside skin care creams, soaps and shower gels. Popular with formulators, benefits include:  

  • 100% plastic free 
  • NEW Opal Iridescent and Vivid selection, adding 4 new colours 
  • NEW aluminium-free glitter effect – compliant with FDA legislation 
  • GMO and antimony free 
  • Softer feel than traditional polyester based glitters 
  • Globally cosmetic compliant 
  • Globally compliant with microplastic and microbead legislation 
  • Available in 9 colours and 5 different sizes 

Delivering extra sparkle in Malawi 

Since preserving and protecting our planet’s most vulnerable children is just as important as our environment, Cornelius contributes a percentage of every Bioglitter® sale to our chosen charity, Sparkle Malawi – an initiative to help improve vulnerable children’s lives and build brighter, sustainable futures for Malawian communities.  

Not only is it a charity that’s close to our heart, the work the foundation carries out in one of the world’s poorest countries is extremely important, and we couldn’t be prouder to support them.  

To donate to Sparkle Malawi, please visit Or for additional advice on our biodegradable glitter range from Ronald Britton, get in touch by emailing our sales team on