Inspired by the adaptogenic properties of ashwagandha, ADAPTONYL® from SILAB has now been proven to act on all 7 cutaneous exposome factors; this cross-functional healthy glow, anti-stress active ingredient, is recommended for all protective care products.

Every day our skin is exposed to numerous environmental stresses: temperature, solar radiation, and pollution, as well as those related to lifestyle: nutrition, lack of sleep, stress and smoking, and psychological stress. These stresses are collectively referred to as the exposome and are responsible for 80% of skin ageing.

Proven Efficacy

The only active proven to fight against all 7 factors of the exposome, this active ingredient is shown to improve the overall quality of the skin; smoothing microrelief, improving skin grain, and reviving complexion radiance, all in just 14 days.

The consumer perception study had impressive findings, with 94% saying that their skin felt smoother and 89% that it felt more radiant too. SILAB also found that ADAPTONYL® reduced the visibility of pores by 14%, and reduced transepidermal water loss by 10.2%.

Adaptogenic Roots

Utilising Indian Ashwagandha roots (INCI: Withania Somnifera Root Extract), a traditional ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine which has been used for millenniums, the supply chain of this ingredient is traceable all the way back to the plot of land, to ensure the quality and safety of the natural raw material. ADAPTONYL® is compliant with the requirement of ABS regulations (Access and Benefit-Sharing) in the framework of the Nagoya protocol.

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